And One More Equals Four!!!

As I mentioned in this post, Jim and I don’t celebrate valentines day but this year was extra special. Valentines morning I was able to tell Jim that we were pregnant with our fourth baby.

It didn’t take long for me to start feeling pregnant. At 5 weeks, I started getting sick. Not actually “getting sick” but my usual nauseous feeling all day and especially after I eat. Jim has been very helpful but very thankful that I have been sick.

On my birthday, March 19, we went for our first appointment and ultrasound. In just a few short seconds, we saw the little heart beating really fast at 180 bpm and then the little bean started moving and kicking. We have never seen any of the others move at this point in the pregnancy. It was so sweet. Although, Jim did jokingly tell it to move as much as possible in the womb because we need a calm baby to join our family in October.

Once we got home from the visit, we told the kids at lunch. They were all excited. Throughout the day they would ask me about the baby. Jake and Judd tell me it will be a boy and Anna Kate says girl. Before putting Anna Kate to bed, I asked her if mommy was going to have a baby and she proceeded to tell me “I am the baby” and then she said ” I am the little sister.”

On Sunday, we announced to the church using this picture.

The greatest gift you can give your children is siblings.

I will be sure to keep up updated throughout the next 7 months.

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