At five….

You still want to be like daddy. For your birthday, you received Georgia boots that look just like daddy’s. You are getting taller and wearing size six pants now.

You look more and more like daddy.

You are reading, writing, telling time, counting money and infatuated with numbers.

You are in your last year of Cubbies and you continuing to hide the Word in your heart.
You love soccer and recently basketball has become a new favorite sport . The Georgia Bulldogs are you favorite team and red is your favorite color.
Of course, you are silly like other five year old boys!

Bike tricks are something you learned from the neighbors. Since you learned to ride without training wheels, when you were four, there has been no stopping you.
Since the day you entered our lives it has never been the same. You continue to grow into a mature young boy that amazes us at times. For weeks, I asked you to stay four but you told me that you “had to turn 5.”

You are a great big brother and I look forward to seeing you with the new baby. Our prayer is that you continue to see that your brother and sister are your best friends, that you are an example to them both and that you will choose wise decisions.

You have become much more sensitive and I pray that you will truly know and love the Lord, live out the fruit of the spirit and that it will become more than a fruit basket to fill every day.

This year will hold many changes for you and I pray that you will hold on to the truths that we are teaching you.

You are learning the difference between truth and make believe. Remember the Bible and all that it contains is the truth, which means Jesus is truth! Continue to hide these truths in your heart and love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength my son.

I am so thankful that God allowed me to be your mommy! You bring me joy and hope for the future!

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