My Baby Boy Turns 4

This is turning into a yearly ritual: me getting teary eyed and emotional on the day of my son’s birthday.

You were our biggest newborn at 7.8 pounds and now you weight 39 lbs.

4 years old! Wow! 3 was a special age… no longer a baby.. but somehow still too young to be a ‘young man’. But at 4, your babyhood is behind you. You are a school-aged child! When did that happen?

Sweet boy… I just adore you. I love the person you are turning into.
I love that you were, and still are, a great sleeper.
I love that every morning you come crawl in the bed and snuggle with us.

I love how you continually crack us up hourly with silly jokes, funny sayings and goofy faces.
I love that you ask me every day to do school!

I love how your smile can light up a whole room.
I love that you are writing your name, learning all of your letters and sounds, and learning 1+1=2.

I love that you love to watch football, basketball and baseball with your daddy.

I love that you have an amazing imagination.
Your imaginary friends are Tiger, Lion and Bobby.
I love all of your million drawings that you draw for me.
I love how thoughtful you are becoming.

I love how you pray for others, especially Bianca and her family.
I love that you are best friends with you brother and sisters, but you are really close to Jake. I just wish I could get you to stop screaming at them when they upset you.
I love how you will pretty much stop anything that you are doing to come and snuggle with me and read a book.

I love that you are very physical, love to rough and tumble, are coordinated and doing a great job playing ball.

At 4 your personality is just so sweet, sensitive, and caring. I look forward to discovering the gifts and talents that God has given you. As your mom, I’m beginning to see a glimmer of the special gifts you’ve been entrusted with.

God has great things in store for you Judd. I just know it. He has a great plan for you, my child, and I am so incredibly blessed to have a very small part in that… to help guide you and walk along side you until you’re ready to do all on your own.

There is so much more I could say and I am sure that I am missing something really special but remember:

Your daddy and I love you, Juddman!! Happy Birthday!

3 thoughts on “My Baby Boy Turns 4

  1. Sooo…..You don’t mind making your Mom cry for the second time today! Sweet Papa loved Judd so much and I’m so sad he will not be here to see him grow up:(((

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