Celebrating Judd

On Friday, December 10, we celebrated Judd with just a few friends. All year he has told us that he wants a bowling party. The bowling alley was completely booked on Saturday so we decided to create our own party. (Pictures to come)
He loved bowling and enjoyed his party, especially the cake and ice cream.

On December 14, which is Judd’s actual birthday he woke up to streamers hanging from his door.

Fortunately, Daddy was able to come home from work for a brief time so that Judd could open his presents right after he woke up. He loved all of his presents. This year we gave him a Tag Reading System. He really likes it and so does his brother and sister.

After eating a breakfast consisting of birthday cake we went to the store to buy Judd’s his long awaited “4th birthday present,” GUM!. At the Perdue home, you are not allowed to chew gum until you are four. This started with Jake and has continued with Judd. This little boy has wanted gum for two years so today was THE DAY! He finally got to chew gum. Do you see the big wad in his check? It was precious to see him smack each piece.

For his birthday meal, he chose to eat dinner at McDonalds. Can’t you tell he is 4, of all the restaurants he chose McDonalds. It was a great time for all of the kids. Jim and I enjoyed it also because we were able to enjoy a quiet conversation while they played..hmmmm….come to think of it maybe I will choose McDonalds for my birthday. Little Sadie slept through the whole dinner and party. We are thankful!

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