Thankfulness #172-192

I am thankful for:
172. silly faces

173. the smell of freshly cut grass! (Oh how I missed cutting grass)
174. a hubby that was able to fix both lawnmowers in one day.
175. the birth of Logan Barnes.
176. matchbox trucks and toothbrushes. (Judd was waiting to brush his teeth).

177. siblings playing so well together on a warmer day.

178. high heel dress-up and purses. They are never far from this little girls hands.

179. sweet smiles! Who can get tired of these? When do we stop smiling so much? When does life change?

180. my first tomato sandwich of the season….tomatoes, miracle whip and a whole lotta salt!!!yum!
181. ur first Awana Grand Prix. Go #6!

182. Sadie sleeping until 4 a.m. and then until 7:30 a.m.
183. Sweet I love you Cards from Judd.
183. Seeing my boys curl up with their Daddy to watch the NCAA Championship.
184. Pick and Draw, a new game for the boys.

185. marvelous grace!
186. grace greater than all my sin!
187. a fun game of Twenty Questions while finishing dinner tonight. Really, who would have guessed the Sun?
188. seeing Sadie sit all by herself for the first time today.
189. getting to be a stay at home mommy!
190. getting to homeschool Jake.
191. the obedience lessons that we are learning about this week.
192. MY life! I am beyond blessed!

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