Being 6 months…

Little Bit,  you are six months old! …Half of a year!… I’ll be honest and say that these months have felt like the longest and yet the shortest six months of my life.

My sweet, dainty little girl,  I cannot express the joy that you bring to your father and me. I have watched you sprout from a tiny little newborn into a long and lean baby girl.  Seeing you get excited by new sounds, sights and touches has been one of my favorite things to see.  You have gotten pretty stable with sitting up, we’ve started solid foods, you are crawling and trying to standing.   We have moved you to your room upstairs. You are still waking up at least once a night.

Girl you love to eat! You are eating food once or twice a day. You have such a spark in you.  It’s as if you have too much going on in that head of yours to just sit still.  Personally, I think you are wise beyond your months.  But of course I do… I’m your mama.  I’m so happy to say that I’m your mama.  

Pretty girl at Southern Eastern Seminary
 Yummy Food!

You are amazing at Ta Daa!

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