Thankfulness #228-248

228. Mother’s day presents
229. Cards from my kids
230. Judd asking Jim for money to go in all of my cards.
231. The 50 million hugs that I received from Judd this morning.
232. Putting band-aids on a little girl’s hands to stop the screaming.
233. My remarkable mom
234. Having the opportunity to dedicate Sadie to the Lord on Mother’s Day
235. My first watermelon of the season
236. My second watermelon of the season, actually I will be thankful for every single watermelon this season.
237. A two hour nap on Mother’s Day
238. A gift card to enjoy dinner Mother’s Day evening.
240. Jim washing and folding two loads of clothes.
241. Two hours of uninterrupted shopping ALONE
242. Getting to be Jake, Judd, Anna Kate, and Sadie’s mother
243. The numerous ways that they Lord has blessed me
244. Oh the blood that Jesus washes me
245. Oh the blood of Jesus that was shed for me.
246. The sacrifice that saved my life
247. Yes, the blood is my victory
248. That in my sin, Yes, even then He shed His blood for me

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