Thankfulness #273-299

273. boys playing Tic Tac Toe
274. a wonderful week of Pandamania VBS at Crosspointe
275. working with some of the most wonderful volunteers in the world.
280. spending some time in the pool with the family
281. Wwatching all of my kiddos
282. celebrating Father’s Day with the most wonderful husband and daddy to my kids
283. hearing an encouraging message for father’s this morning at CPBC
284. making new Father’s Day traditions this year
285. hearing my kids laugh
286. watching Jim be a great daddy
287. for a husband who is teaching my kids loyalty, faithfulness, hard work, integrity, humor and responsibility
288. for a husband who plays with his children. Thanks for being the fun one!
289. knowing that the Lord will put the perfect verse in front of my face at the perfect time. 
290. help loading the dishwasher
291. tiny cucumbers and squash growing
292. enjoying our first blue berry harvest
293. 4 growing, healthy, beautiful children that made me a mommy
294. the Perfect Father
295. for Crayola Crayons and time coloring with Anna Kate
296. Jim’s dimples
297. warm summer nights
298. sweet, sweet, child care workers that are willing to love my babies at Crosspointe
299. sweet, sweet, child care workers that love my babies!

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