Cell Phone Picture Update

Tonight I downloaded my cell phone pictures. It was a group of random pictures. I am sure that some of them deserve their own post, but right now I just want to have them on the blog to preserve the memories.
In April,  the girls and I took a trip to Georgia. Jim and I  decided that it would be cheaper and a lot easier if we flew down for a few days instead of driving. It was a fun trip and the girls did fairly well. Sadie did decide to scream the last few minutes of the first flight and then about 15 minutes of the return flight home. However, I would declare it a success. 
While we were down we went to see Sweet Papa’s grave marker. It was really nice. Sweet, simple and to the point…just like Benny!

I can’t get this picture to rotate in blogger. It is fine on iphoto…hummm!

Next set of pictures: While the girls were in Georgia, Daddy and the boys went to a Redbirds game.

Jake also lost his second tooth while I was away.  

A few weeks ago, we took the kids to go for a quick fishing trip at a friend’s house. He lives on a lot of land. Our kids, including Skye, had a fabulous time. 

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