Thankfulness #300-325

300. A fantastic day

301. The surprise $.25 cent trolley rides
302. The perfect timing and seating to see the Peabody ducks…
303. The exact perfect total at Kooky Canuck that allowed every family to eat for a total of $10 including tip!  
304. Wow- I love how God answers our prayers and takes care of us!!!

305. All of these happened during a play date to downtown Memphis with 10 adults and 25 kids.  

306. the Moby Wrap
307. a new book, The Ministry of Motherhood, just what I need to read. 
308. a house with a POOL!
309. lots of hours outside
310. playing outside until after bedtime
311. using play swords tonight during family worship. We were teaching the Heb 4:12. They loved it.
312. a cleaned out bathroom drawer
313. savoring the last summer that I will have a 6 yr, 4yr, 3 yr, and 8 1/2 month old.
313. Sadie’s first steps
314. Sadie sleeping until 7:00 a.m. 
315. the friends that call or email just to let me know they care.
316. helping hands with 6 kiddos during a play date.
317. the first fruits from our garden that we are enjoying this week. Although, I am sad that bugs are eating all of our squash. 
318. watermelon for $3.25
319. studying the book of Jonah with Jake and teaching him how to underline in his Bible.
320. an 8 1/2 old baby that is still nursing even after I thought she may wean hereslf by this point.
321. new school curriculum arriving in the mail.
322. seeing Judd’s excitement over “his school books”
323. a date night with my hubby
324. free tickets to see Cars 2
325. sweet friends to watch my kids today.

One thought on “Thankfulness #300-325

  1. Hi Miss Stephanie! I am starting to blog again and I found your blog! I love seeing all the pictures of your kids. They are all getting so big! I hope y’all are doing great!

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