Thankfulness #326-345

326. stacks and stacks of books all over my house – while the clutter is driving me crazy, I know it’s  because we are LEARNING!

327. Big Buddy and Nana coming for a short visit

328. Enjoying a sweet time of fellowship during our 4th of July celebration at Crosspointe.

329. Kids doing fireworks and sparklers with Jim

330. Seeing my 6 year old leave to go to Nanacamp for the first time

331. I am thankful for Jake.

332. I miss him.

333. the privilege of being Jake’s mama.  

334. Jake’s dirty laundry

335. his smile

336. his grumpy times

337. his blue eyes

338. for the ways he fusses with and loves on his brother and sisters

339. his intelligence

340. his character  

341. For his love for the Lord

342. For his desire to know the things of God

343. Judd’s loving hugs
344. for Judd’s sense of humor

345. for Anna Kate’s kisses and sweet hugs 

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