Thankfulness #361-#376

361. Homeschool blogging moms that have so many wonderful ideas
362. Family time
363. Songs that minister to my soul
364. God’s perfect peace
365. God’s faithfulness even when we are so unfaithful
366. Never once do we walk alone
367. Dt. Mountain Dew
368. Mexican cheese after 8 months of a dairy free diet
369. Running three miles three times a week consistently for three weeks
370. A first grader who make teaching school so easy for me
371. A preschooler who is SO eager to learn how to read
372. Summer rain showers
373. My mom getting a good test result after a heart cath
374. Books that remind me of my ministry of motherhood
375. Hearing Jake sing “Never Let Go” during Sunday night worship
376. Jake’s hunger for learning God’s Word

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