The Dirty Three Doing the Dirty Dig

This year we are reading through Story of the World Volume 1 together during our Circle time. I am not doing all of the activities in the workbook. We are just doing the things that are age appropriate and fun since I am planning to go back through this volume again next year.

This week we read about history, archaeologists and archaeology. One of the activities in the book was to recreate your own archaeological dig, or “Dirty Dig” as they so cleverly named it.

Our three “archaeologists” were very excited to learn more about the “Ancient” civilization of the peoples of Mount Perdueian.

To begin our dig we sectioned our digging area into a 3 by 3 grid so we could record where we found our artifacts. Here are a few of the artifacts that we found: a battery, screwdriver, comb, two bracelets, coins, a cup, and a chicken bone. We figured they were a pretty advanced civilization because we found a battery which lead us to believe they made their own power. The screwdriver was also an advanced tool.  We know that they used currency because we found coins. We believe that they were hunters since we found chicken bones. Lastly, they liked to look pretty as we found two bracelets and a comb. Although, they seem to be advanced we aren’t sure how they communicated since we didn’t find any communication tools such as pencils. 

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