2 boys 1 sheep 6 seconds

On Saturday, we took the kids back for Day 2 of the Georgia National Fair.  The boys got to enjoy and fun opportunity. The previous day they saw that you could ride sheep for fun. They wanted to be Wooly Riders. Wooly Riders is open to any child ages 3-6 weighing less than 60 pounds. We decided to sign them up for the 1:30 ride. We arrived at 1:15 so they could get there gear on, weigh in and receive a few instructions before the race started. Jake weighed in at exactly 60 pounds. Both boys enjoyed the race, however, Jake was stepped on by the sheep so I am sure that he is glad that this is his last year to compete. On the other hand, Judd will be the first to sign up next year, maybe we will even get him a pair of chaps to wear. 

 Here goes Jake…..

 Here comes Judd…..

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