I HEART the Fair!

Big Buddy, Nana, Mema, Uncle Dan and Aunt Jessica took the kids to the fair while Jim and I cruised in the Bahamas. Cousins make life sweeter!

This is round 2 of the Georgia National Fair. Jim, Dan, Jessica and I took the kids back to the fair Saturday morning.

Jim and I both get queasy on the rides so we decided to alternate. I decided that it would be fun to take the boys on a big ride, one that I loved when I was younger.

Oh boy, little did I realize that ride was much HIGHER as an older mother of four children! This was craziness. We went really high in the air and then they tilted us toward the ground. I just held on tightly to Judd because I knew he was going to fall right out, but look at him he is LOVING it. No Fear just like his daddy! I do have a side story about the this ride. 
Jake is going more afraid of heights like me. We were told that he was not happy about riding the Ferris Wheel, which I don’t blame him. What is the point of being so high up? Jim being the good dad he is decided that this needed a “when I was a boy” story. The story goes a little something like this : When I was a boy I grew up climbing up and down the really tall grain elevators at Big Buddies business. There isn’t any reason to be afraid.  Keeping that in mind, we were on this really high, tilting ride and a some point during one of the tilting moments Jake says “mydaddygrewupclimbingongrainbins.” It was really cute that he was using that story as reassurance. 
Look we found more cousins! Hi Sunni and Mary Kate!

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