Baby Sadie Turns One

My sweet baby Sadie is 1! Even though this is my fourth time around, I still can’t get over how fast they grow up. I remember when I had my first, everyone said “don’t blink because they will grow up fast”. I didn’t believe it was true at the time but now I understand why they warned me.

Words simply cannot express the joy that our precious baby girl has brought to our lives over the past year.

Sadie you are no longer an infant, but considered a toddler. And toddle you do. You are no longer nursing just drinking rice milk. Gone are the jars of baby food (you have five teeth with two more on the way!). I’ve put away the excersaucer and baby swing many months ago. I have to buy you real shoes because you navigate this whole walking thing too well. You are in every way attached to mommy just like your sister was at this age. You are an extension of my right hip. I have learned once again this past year to do almost everything with one hand. Daddy says you are spoiled and I say you are loved. I just cherish this time because I know that it will not last long. I realize that it will pass quickly.

A whole year brings so many changes in the life of a baby, and it’s bittersweet. Gone are those precious real baby moments as I start to see a little personality emerge.

I’m sad to lose those baby moments, but happy to see those fun, and funny, changes that are surfacing. Teasing us when handing us a toy then pulling it away while laughing; scooting away from us across the room as we call your name to come back, then looking over your shoulder and squealing with delight. Just today you have started holding a phone to your ear to “talk.” We love to see the excitement when you see your big brothers or sister walk through the door. Signing “milk,” “more, “please” and pageant waving to complete strangers, but only if I am holding you. A certain pickiness when served different types of foods, and falling in love with puffcorn and mandarin oranges.  My favorite is to see your beautiful smile light up the room.

Bittersweet yes, but a part life. My hope for you as you grow is to be a woman whole seeks to serve God, know Jesus intimately and have a life full of joy. I am also hoping she doesn’t develop my stubborn streak – what is that they say about what goes around?

We love you so much Sadie Grace! You spunky little lady!

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