Just One Afternoon…

Today we were spending some time outside before Jim arrived home from work. I decided it would be a good afternoon to try and take some pictures of the kids in the yard, little did I know that I would capture such a sweet moment. 
This is all of the kids trying to get the cat, Spot. They ended up surrounding her after Sadie chased her across the yard calling her “dog.” Dog is Sadie’s newest word and she uses it for all furry creatures.

Here is where the moment was captured: Just after taking the above picture, I announced “Daddy’s home” and the following pictures tell the rest of the story.

I know that I have blogged about this daily event before but I just loved that I know how the whole experience captured.

Here is another point to ponder: How often do we run to our heavenly Father with this much excitement, just to be in his presence?

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