Thankfulness #474-485

It has been so long since I last posted. I am still counting all of the things I am thankful for but it seems that I am too busy to listed them out one-by-one.

474. Pinterest and all of the new ideas it brings into my life and our home.
475. We are thankful for all of the friends that we left in Tennessee.
476. I have been blessed to enjoy the weather in Georgia not staying below 60 since we moved.
477. We are enjoying the longer days that middle Georgia bring. It actually stays daylight until 6 instead of pitch dark at 5:00.
478. I am thankful for Jim having time to help transition our family these last few weeks. I will miss him being home after the new year, but we will all enjoy a more “normal”routine.
479. The boys and I are eager to start our new Classical Conversations community in January. We will be joining a group in Warner Robins.
480. This past week Judd turned five. He will be getting his own post as soon as I take pictures of him being-FIVE!!
481. It is such a huge blessing to be able to spend these first few months of transition to Georgia with my Mom. We are praying that our house will sell soon and then we can pursue permanent housing options, but in the meantime we call Elko home.
482. Jim and I are thankful that we have two very reliable vehicles especially with the long drives that come with living in Elko.
483. Oh, I am quickly learning what it means to have family to help babysit. 🙂
484. I am thankful for just a few minutes of quiet time….oh how I need just a few minutes each day.
485. I am thankful for this Christmas season and what it means to my life.

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