Saying Goodbye…

This post is just a collection of pictures taken our last few weeks in Tennessee.

Sadie saying good-bye to Caden. 
This was our last meal (breakfast) at our kitchen table. This was my ninth anniversary and I was so very emotional about giving this table away. 
Jake (6), Cooper (6), Judd (4), Colton (3), Anna Kate (3), Caden (17 months), Sadie (12 months)
We went to the Kenney’s Thanksgiving night. The kids enjoyed playing together one last time. We were able to get them all together for a picture. 
 This is PawPaw and YaYa. They were our Jake, Judd and Anna Kate’s Sunday School teachers throughout or four years at Crosspointe.
 This is the text for Jim’s last message. 
 I was able to capture him preaching his last message at Crosspointe. 
I decided to take a picture of the church sign as we were leaving for the last time. 
 We were in Tennessee for a couple of weeks before moving so we decided to make memories before leaving. On this particular night, we drove to Sikeston, Missouri to eat at Lambert’s, The Only Home of the Throwed Roll. 
 Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the roll throwing and the time together. 

 Good catch, Jake!
 This is the day the moving truck arrived….
Jake (6), Graham (9), Simeon (6 weeks), Judd (4), Emelia (6), Sadie (12 months), Anna Kate (3)

The Tuso’s were kind enough to invite us over for dinner since everything we owned was in boxes.

 Sweet Sweet Nae-Nae deserves her very own blog post. We LOVE and MISS Nae-Nae more that we can even begin to express.

 Day Two of the movers packing the house. 
 Sadie’s high chair during all of the packing. 

This was were we stayed our last night in Tennessee. I took this picture as we were pulling out heading to Georgia.

I miss my normal. I miss my home. I miss my friends. I miss my kid’s friends. I miss my life in Brighton, TN. I miss Crosspointe. I miss life as I knew it just three months ago. I am so thankful for my time in Tennessee and all that God did while we were there.


I am excited about my new normal. I am excited about SBCWR. I am excited about my new friends. I am excited about my kid’s new friends. I am excited about our future!!

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