Calling at Lurkers Round 2

Calling All Lurkers!!!
I enjoy lurking! I like to visit sites that are linked to my friends blogs, but then of course I sometimes click on links that are linked on there and so on. It can be a never ending maze.
I have noticed that I am having more people read my blog lately. I’m just wondering if anyone out there that has never posted on my blog (that I may or may not know personally), but frequents my blog to catch up on my life would be willing to post a comment below. I would love for you to make yourself known 🙂
I’m interested to see who you are!!!

3 thoughts on “Calling at Lurkers Round 2

  1. Hello Mrs. Stephanie..

    I am a lurker….former Crosspointe member but going back to Crosspointe…sure do miss you guys. I so enjoy your blog – you guys are very encouraging…thank you for your awesome testimony and for being faithful and obedient to God.

    I have a blog…may not be as good as yours…. I’m horrible on posting pics.

    Know you are loved,

    Mrs. Becky Cornelius
    (Former kids choir director)

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