Thankfulness 501-510

I am thankful…

501. I am so thankful for Classical Conversations.
502. I am thankful for the new people we have met through our CC community.
503. I love my iphone.
504. I am thankful for my new Bible study on Wednesday nights at Second.
505. I am thankful for my health, but I REALLY want to figure out a way for me to start exercising.
506. spending a quiet 25 minutes with the older three playing Quirkle before Sadie awakens from her nap.
507. Thursday night I walked in from a conference and Anna Kate saw me and she said ” I L.O.V.E that outfit Mommy especially that rufflely shirt. It is beautiful!” What a welcome home and she makes me smile.
508. Two days this week Judd has asked for some gum and I have agreed. The gum just so happens to be upstairs in my room and on both occasions I have received an amazing blessing….he makes up my bed for me. Isn’t that just too sweet?!?
509. I am thankful for a husband who will do laundry with me.
510. We are all blessed that we are able to stay with Mema during this transition. We are thankful!

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