PreTeen Camp

During the month of June, we have been very busy and out of town almost every week. The week of June 26-28 we were blessed to be apart of PreTeen Camp. Jim was the camp speaker and we could go as a family to enjoy the camp together. We spent our time swimming and playing with the PreTeens.

Let’s set the stage for the following picture. When we first arrived on Tuesday, I realized that I left Sadie’s crib at home and Jim’s bag which included the message that he was going to preach in about 45 minutes after arrival and all of his messages for the rest of the week. We were a bit stressed. Did I mention that we had been in the car with Sadie for almost 2 hours? Have I mentioned before that Sadie isn’t a fun car rider? 
Moving right along…while we were at Norman Park we stayed in a 2 bedroom “house.” It also included an office area. I decided that we would set up Sadie’s bed in the office so that she would have her privacy to nap and sleep at night. It didn’t take long to realize that Sadie didn’t want to sleeping in her crib that we were loaned.  She kept crawling out and LOCKING the door so that we couldn’t get in to get her. Just when I was about to panic each time she would unlock it and come see with a sweet smile. This went on for about and hour. Needless to say, I found a key!

Wednesday we went to Wild Adventures and it was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed the kids and the water park. Jim and I almost yacked  after riding several of the spinning rides. I think that we are too old for those rides.

 As I mentioned above, we spent time swimming but did I mention that we went swimming at 9:30 both nights. They had a blast pretending they were all grown up.

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