The Baby: Sadie at 20 months

I am SO behind writing this letter. I am tempting to just wait to write her 2 yr letter, but I know I need to keep it FAIR:)

What words do I use to describe Miss Sadie Grace? Crazy. Funny. Spunky. Screamy. Smart.

As of June 11, she is potty-trained and doesn’t have a pacifier. She is very challenging or very funny. I am SURE that the challenging part is just a phase. Right? She screams when she wants something, she screams she doesn’t get her way, and screams “hold you” when she wants to be held. ¬†She wants to be held often, and demands it often. Don’t get me wrong, she is the sweetest and funniest thing ever. I can be laughing at her and then all of the sudden, you better watch out!
She loves watermelon, which she calls Nella.

I look forward to her learning to play with Jake, Judd and Anna Kate. There are times that she will play with them if they are chasing her, and honestly, when she’s in the mood.

Sadie is a great sleeper. She sleeps every night from 8-8 and naps for almost 3 hours every afternoon. She must have her “bank” blanket to sleep and don’t try to give her a fake imitate blanket.

She loves to make us laugh. She likes to wink at us and tell everyone her name is “Shadie.” She also takes roll call every morning when she wakes up. Everyone asks me is she knows how to WALK or does she always run everywhere she goes.

I pray everyday that I will remember the fun memories and laughing more than the exhaustion of this little one year old.

I absolutely love this little sport model!

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