The Happiest Place on Earth…Maybe

Day 1 at Disney: The Magic Kingdom

Jim’s conference ended a little before noon. We told the kids that we taking them to Disney and they were so excited.


When we arrived we took the Ferry Boat across the Lagoon. The boys enjoyed the Ferry Ride.


Magic Kingdom is really…. Magical  or Miserable. There is so much to see and do, there are people singing and dancing along the streets, and then there’s this huge castle that greets you


Our first ride was the Jungle Cruise. It was our first introduction to waiting in long lines at Disney. Honestly, it was only about 45-50 minutes but with a whiney two year old it felt EXTREMELY long.  Judd thought that he needed to make goofy faces all day since he had on a goofy shirt. DSC_0125Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too
DSC_0138Here’s that Magical vs Miserable question again!DSC_0133The girls loved meeting Ariel. She was so sweet. DSC_0143 All day long the Sadie wanted to see Minnie the Mouse. As soon as we saw her Sadie didn’t want to get near her. Mommy and baby had to get in the picture with the girls too. I just wonder if this is a picture of all girls or all girls and one boy. Only time will tell.


My goofy little boy loved having his picture taken with Goofy. Goofy  liked Judd’s shirt too.


Jake has enjoyed the whole day at Disney. Meeting the characters wasn’t his favorite part but he did enjoy getting out of the rain. DSC_0168

The verdict is still out… magical vs miserable! Stay tuned for Day 2….IMG_3222



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