The Happiest Place on Earth: Part Two

Today we started our day earlier in the morning. We were all more refreshed and looking forward to a fun filled day at the Magic Kingdom. After the ferry experience the first day, we opted to ride the monorail back to the park this morning. The plan for day two was to divide and conquer Disney. Jim would take the boys to ride all of the fun rides and I would take the girls to see the Princesses. It was a great plan.

Immediately upon arrival, we found a restroom and then divded up. As I was crossing the street, we were stopped by our first parade. It was SO exciting, magical, and fun! The girls loved seeing the characters.


After the road opened, I took the girls to see the princesses. It was a 70 minute wait to the see the princesses. I decided to wait because we couldn’t get a Fast Pass until late that evening. It was a long 70 minutes that turned into 90 minutes, however, we were inside the whole time and we had some people to talk who had iPods with movies. (grin) As our time approached to see the princesses, I found out that on Valentines Day the princesses AND their princes were there. Happy Valentines Day, Anna Kate and Sadie!

Both girls were in awe as they talked to and took pictures with Rapunzel and Flynn:DSC_0173 The only time Sadie wasn’t smiling was during the picture taking time. She loved it!DSC_0175

Next we visited Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, and Prince Phillip. DSC_0177


Lastly, Cinderella and Prince Charming:

DSC_0180 DSC_0183

While we were having such a magical time, the boys were able to ride Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear and the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. It is an audience participation comedy show. Jake was asked several questions during the show. He enjoyed his time and he thought the girl was really funny.

When we met back up with the boys, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, got ice cream, and just enjoyed a stroll through the park while it sprinkled on us. When we were leaving, we were stopped by our last parade. We saw a lot of characters we had missed throughout the day. Anyone who comes to Disney and misses the parade is missing the essence of Disney. It was magical. I just wish that we would have seen more of them or at least known how wonderful they really are before going.

Leaving the Magic Kingdom, we were exhausted but pleased with how much we had seen and done in two days.  It was cold and wet, but a lot of fun for the kids.  I was exhausted and my feet and legs ached.

We left the Magic Kingdom and went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  IMG_2311

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