Caroline 2 Months

Mommy can’t believe you’re 2 months old already… gone are the days of you fitting into all those precious, tiny newborn clothes, as you have officially moved into 0-3 month attire as well as size 1 diapers. You’re growing like a weed. You’re so much more interactive with us these days and my heart melts with every smile, laugh, and giggle. You know our voices and as soon as I enter the room and start to talk to you, you look for me instantly…talk about happiness, I don’t think it gets much better than that. You have also discovered your hands and insist on having them in your mouth all the time…they must really taste yummy!


We have started supplimenting with the breastfeeding and I am sure that we will have move on to formula full-time within the next month. We are working to figure out with formula works best for you because you are a hungry baby. If you have a full belly you are an amazingly happy baby. I mean AMAZING!! I do believe we have been extremely blessed because you are a happy happy baby 95% of the time! And the other 5% you are hungry, tired, or wet!

One thing that we have discovered is your LOVE for your car seat. Honestly, we are shocked. You are our first baby to ever like riding in the car.

Another blessing is having Jake want to take such good care of you. He is doing a fabulous job holding, feeding, loving, and even changing your diapers. It is great to see him love on you so much and so well. I thank the Lord for answering our prayers that Caroline would be a happy baby that everyone could enjoy. IMG_4508IMG_4529

We do have a prayer request. Dr. F told us that you have a cyst growing on your forehead between your eyes.  We go to a pediatric surgeon October 1.    

IMG_4540 IMG_4551

Life with you is absolutely incredible Caroline, and I can only imagine just how much fun these next months are going to be because of you.

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