Quick Trip

In August we made a quick trip to TN. We left on Thursday and drove home on Sunday after church. Jim was invited to preach at Crosspointe so we made it a family vacation. It was a blessing to visit a few people and to be at Crosspointe again.

IMG_4558              IMG_4559


One of the memorable events of the trip was Caroline getting locked in the car. We were visiting with the Easley’s and as we were about the leave Caroline started crying. I asked Jim put her in the car while we said good bye. It was a nice 70 something degrees and we were gathering our things and hugging necks. Jim went around to the passenger door closed it and all the sudden the car locked itself with the keys in the ignition and Caroline in the back. Long story short: police, sheriffs and the fire department are not no longer given slim jim’s to unlock cars. I am thankful the the firemen didn’t give up and were creative about getting in the car. It took about 20 minutes but the were able to rescue my little girl. Thankfully, she was snoozing the whole time. She is good like that…


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