Caroline is 3

We love our sweet C girl and all the feistiness and love that she adds to our family!

At three, you are SUCH a girlie girl. You pick out your own clothes to wear each day, and it always consists of something pink and a skirt or dress. You will tolerate pants or leggings but only if it is cold outside. You love to wear headbands, pig-tails and sleep in curlers.

You are slowly no longer wanting to nap. This can be exhausting, because you are pretty high maintenance at this age. You say “Mommy?” approximately 536 times a day. You are becoming more independent, but still need a lot (like getting a glass of milk, help going potty, wanting to play a game, or read a book). However, Sadie does spend a good bit of time entertaining you.

You are completely potty trained even at night! EXCITING!

You love playing with your siblings, and most often want to do what they are doing. Some days you say you are a big girl and say you don’t want to be a TODDLER anymore, but other days you tell me you aren’t a big girl. Such are the whims of a three- year old.

You are a pretty good eater. You absolutely LOVE cheese. You also love milk. You don’t seem into sandwiches or bread, but love macaroni and cheese, lunch meat, and crackers. You will eat any fruit we have.

You are for sure feisty. You are VERY strong willed, demand your own way, and still insist on screaming at the top of your lungs when things aren’t going your way (not one of my favorite traits). You have come a long way, however, we all hope that you quickly learn that is inappropriate. The problem we encounter the most is that you often get your way because no one likes to hear you scream (not necessarily because we are all so compassionate for “the baby”, but because it grates on all of our nerves) so whatever toy or book or item you are screaming about will usually get handed over to you. You express frustration easily with a growl or sticking out your tongue, and on the occasion, you bite.

But you are so, so sweet. You love to snuggle and give hugs and kisses and climb in laps. You love to say “ Mommy, I love you.” Your Daddy puts you to bed every night, and you snuggle and it’s just so sweet.

Three is the big year for the Perdue children to move out of their cribs and into a big bed. So, just as in years past, we took the crib down and Caroline started sleeping upstairs with the girls. No more diapers and No more crib! The Perdue Crew is growing up.   

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