A new season

Today marks the end of one season and beginning of a new season for the Perdue Crew! A bittersweet day, however, we are all anxious and ready to begin this new season.

For the past 11 years, I have been at home with my children: birthing, feeding, loving, kissing, and TEACHING them. This year marks a new year for all of us. Jake will walk out the door tomorrow and into a school for the very first time. We didn’t make this decision quickly or without much prayer. Many months ago, I started feeling restless in our schooling decisions. I started feeling that it was time to send Jake to school. I was gripped with FEAR, however, I started to realize that I couldn’t determine decisions for Jake’s life based on my fears. I needed to truly determine what God wanted and to live by faith not fear. I came across this amazing article and it helped me see launching him in a different way. https://10kreasons.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/shooting-your-arrow-by-faith/
So, to steal a tad from the article: he is an arrow, an arrow we have spent the last 11 years sharpening, an arrow that would go out and fulfill His purpose. I believe that the Holy Spirit will guide him and lead him when choosing friends. I believe that he will be a light and a leader. I believe he will have favor with his teachers. I believed God will protect him physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and that no evil could befall him or come near him. I believe that God would use him mightily! As we gear up for SIXTH grade, I am believing these things.

He won’t have me by his side, but I know that GOD is with him. I know this because HE has been so faithful through out the past 11 years. I am thankful for each year I had Jake home. We have grown together. BUT now it’s time for me to I trust Him with HIS child, Jake!

Bonaire Middle is a new mission field for our family, and a new chance for Jake to learn to shine his light brightly and share Christ with our community!

Several weeks ago, God led me to this verse and I knew it so perfectly fit Jake and the foundation that we have prepared in him as we launch him out.



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