You know those mornings…

You know those mornings when you wake and think: this is going to be a hard morning getting the kids out the door. Lunches must be made, clothes and hair must be presentable ( theirs not mine), and the hubby is out of town. You know, THIS kind of morning. Well, this morning was panning out to be one of those mornings UNTIL I was mid-braid of the girl #2 and Judd came in the bathroom.

Judd-“Hey mom, can I quote 1 Corthinians 13 to you before school? I think I have it all memorized” and I responded, “yes sir, you sure can!”

He proceeds to quote the entire chapter while we all calming listened. It was at the moment that the trajectory of our morning changed. It was the perfect way to end a stressful morning.

Thank you sweet boy, for speaking scripture over us this morning. 

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