Oh Snow!

Two times in the past few weeks we have woke up to a winter wonderland. The first time the snow was still falling so neither one of the boys really liked being outside. Judd kept saying mommy it told (cold), I told mommy. Needless to say, our time in the snow was very short.

This past week when it snowed our neighbors were home so the boys were able to go outside and ride the four-wheeler and for the first time they were introduced to snow cream and hot chocolate. Oh how my Judd loved snow cream. I just wish I had a picture of him using his hands to get it out of the bowl.

Below are a few pictures from our snow days. The first four were taken a week ago when the first snow fell.

This picture was taken on Wednesday. Doesn’t he look like the abominable snowman?

I think the snow made him a little tired.

I just have one question, where is spring?

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