He is Risen!

This Easter was wonderful. We were able to start the weekend off celebrating Anna Kate’s birthday and spending time with my dad.

On Saturday, Crosspointe had its annual Easter Egg Hunt which started at 11:00. The boys enjoyed running after the eggs and Anna Kate was happy with her one little egg. I can’t imagine when they are all lined up and take off running without even looking back to see if mommy or daddy are nearby to help. I am thankful that Papa Wayne was here to help with one of them this year. I was with Anna Kate, Jim went with Jake and Papa Wayne chased Judd.

Crosspointe had a Saturday night service this year so after nap time we all got dressed to go to church…on a Saturday night! Our routine was a little out of sync to say the least. Here are pictures of the kids all dressed up for the first Easter Service.

Sunday morning we had a great service and I am so thankful that Easter does exist. I am thankful for a Savior that has risen and isn’t still lying in a borrowed tomb. I am thankful that I have life, an eternal life, because of His death on the cross. All to Him I owe…

3 thoughts on “He is Risen!

  1. They are “adorable”! But…consider the gene pool they have! I’m glad ya’ll had a good Easter and that Jake caught some fish with Papa Wayne. That was a great group picture of ya’ll with Papa Wayne. Love, Mom (Emma)

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