Yep, Jake’s Eight!

It’s that time of year again. It’s the “I can’t believe Jakes turned __” This year it is 8 years old. Only two more years and he will be 10. I’m thinking this boy is growing up way too fast.  He’s still my lego loving, game playing boy who loves a good wrestle and thinks every book he comes in contact with needs to be read. We are quickly coming to the end of his second grade school year. Next school year, he will start at a new school in the area named Veritas. He is excited and just a bit nervous. I know that he will do great and I really think he is going to thrive. His favorite food is chips and cheese. The reason he was most excited about turning 8 today?  He finally doesn’t have to sit in his booster seat.  The rule is 8 years old or 80 pounds.  Today was the big day!

LIKES:  iPod, reading, chips, football and baseball.

DISLIKES:  math, green vegetables unless they are drenched with ketchup, excerise


You are bright, funny, quirky and completely adorable.  You have a little bit of a mouth on you but we’re working on it.  You are helpful, considerate, kind and love doing projects around the house. You are also absent-minded and messy. Your daddy and I are amazed at how quickly you can forget a basic instruction. Yes, we are working on that too.  You are a great big brother, and we’re so lucky to have you as part of our family.  It wouldn’t be the same without you. You love to tell us jokes.  You are so smart. A walking, talking encyclopedia. You love to learn new things and share what you’ve learned with us.

Lord, please guide and direct this child as he grows.  Help him to make wise decisions about the friends he chooses and the friend that he is to others.  Please help Jake to be a good brother and a good example to Judd, Anna Kate, Sadie, and our new baby. Lord, please tug at Jake’s heart and give him the desire to know you, love you, and want to follow you.  Lord, thank you for this little man that you put in my life.  I love him!  Please teach me how to always show him I love him.  Thank you for the amazing earthly example he has with a daddy like Jim!  Please help Jake to be a man of integrity, hard work, wisdom, loyalty, and devotion to YOU, just like his daddy! 

Interview with a 8 year old, Jake Perdue:

What is your name? Jake Perdue

How old are you? 8

Who is your best friend? Judd Perdue/ Cooper Kenney

What is your favorite food? Chips and Cheese

What is your favorite animal? Snake

What is your favorite color? Yellow

What is your favorite movie? Meet the Robinsons

Who is your favorite person? Daddy

Who is your brother? Judd

What does mommy do? Teach classes

What does daddy do? He preaches

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Painter

What’s your favorite sport? Football

What do you love? My food

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