Late Nights

Six weeks after Judd is born I am still awake in the middle of the night feeding him. As you can see I have found that I can be productive at 2 a.m. I use Jim’s laptop while I am up to return emails, catch up on the latest news, and now I am even updating my blog.

So how is life as a mom of two boys? BUSY! The first few weeks were difficult, but now the main difference is I have very little time for myself. However, I think that once Judd sleeps through the night and I don’t feel like I need a nap everyday I will be able to get somethings taken care of during nap time. I do love my boys. I am sure that life will be very active when Judd gets a little bit bigger. Something tells me he isn’t going to continue to let Jake poke his eyes and shake his feet.

I have started going to the gym and the boys go to chldcare. This has been great for me. I am excited about losing the rest of the baby weight and wearing all of my clothes again. 🙂 I am just not satisfied carrying 7 more pounds.

more to come from the late night brain…..that’s another thing… I am losing my memory more and more each day!