I am blessed! I have the best husband in the whole world. He is a great husband and an awesome daddy. Before we had Jake, I always thought he would be a great dad, but now seeing him with our boys just amazes me. Jake and Judd have an amazing godly example to look to as they grow to be men of God.

Quick Visit

Wednesday afternoon we left Forsyth County to visit the great Warner Vegas. Actually, we drive past it to Elko since my mom moved, but I still like to say Warner Vegas. We spent several days visiting with my mom, Benny, and my grandparents who live a mile from my mom. It is always good to go home especially when there are five adults to watch two boys. I feel more like a supervisor when we are visiting. 🙂 I just make sure the boys are fed, napped, and living on “the schedule” while everyone else takes care of them. It is such a wonderful blessing to be around family and to have some help. I was even given the opportunity to take two showers and get dressed without being interrupted.

Wednesday night Jim and I met Jessica Perdue at Sonny’s for dinner after our VERY long (long as in the boys screamed or whined most of the ride) ride home. Sonny’s is great and it has so much meaning for Jim and I. (Sonny’s significance in our lives could have it’s on post). After dinner Jessica came out to the house and Dan met her at mom’s. They enjoyed seeing the boys. It was so good to spend some time with them.

When we arrived at mom’s Jake was still running around barefoot with the keys, his Papa gave him, in his pocket, and holding up his pants as he ran around. He LOVES Elko. I think part of his love comes from the fact that he gets to ride the 4-wheeler, go-cart, and the tractor. What’s not to love about the country!!! Oh I forgot about the new kittens….he gave them names this week…Brown, Lil Waser (laser), and Zeb.

On Thursday Jake had another visitor. Jim came out to visit for a short time. Jake loves Jim, but I think Amber is soon to take his place:-)

We had a great visit home. I am excited that summer is coming and we can spend more time in the country! Simple pleasures and children’s laughter!

Potty Training Update

Week 2-

I know that I left you last week on the edge of your seats wanting to know how Jake was going to continue. Well I am pleased to announced that Jake is potty trained. He is doing great. He still has to work on telling me that he needs to go without me asking, but he is catching on.

Funny moments- I have given him a very elementary explanation of the digestive system. It goes in your mouth, down to your belly, and in the potty. So now everytime he goes #2 Jake looks in the potty and he says there is my chicken, there is my hotdog, bye-bye meat. It is hilarious, and if it works I am all for it.

Judd- What a great little boy! He is so sweet! He is now going to sleep without crying when I lay him down.

I am so glad that the weather is warmer so that we can play outside more.