Thankfulness #542-550

542.  I am thankful to be able to homeschool my children during this season of our lives. We may not always feel lead to keep them home so I just want to enjoy the time they are with me every. single. day.
543. I am thankful to live in the south.

544. I am not thankful for gnats. 🙂
545. I am thankful for laughing and smiling.
546. I am thankful that my hubby looks so FABULOUS on a tractor.
547. I am thankful that I am able to study God’s Word.
548. I am thankful to see all of the trees and flowers blooming.

549. I am thankful for the family time we shared planting the garden.
550. I am thankful to be working with the boys to memorize John 1:1-7 in English and Latin.

Spring has Sprung

I have been so slack with my blogging. Here are some pictures of the kiddos that we took in a field near Mom’s house. 

 This isn’t a great picture but this is the face Sadie makes when she is mad. I was so excited that I caught it on camera.

 This is the only time that she really smiled the whole time. 

Best friends!

Thankfulness #522-541

522. I have been so swamped lately between homeschool, stomach bugs, and friends visiting, not necessarily in that particular order, I have really neglected this blog. I guess I am thankful for patient blog readers.

523. There is so much for me to list. I am thankful that I need to blog about Jake’s birthday, I need to write Jake’s 7th birthday letter, and just normal life in these parts.

524. I am thankful that I just booked a trip away with my hubby for this Spring. We are excited to have some time together.

535. On February 29, I enjoyed my first night of “Mercy Triumphs” Bible Study by Beth Moore @SBCWR and I am beyond excited. I praying about memorizing the book of James with December 31, 2012 being my goal to have it completed. I must be crazy!

536. I am so thankful that we have a contract on our house in TN. It isn’t sold YET, but we are hopeful to close by the end of the month. Praying….Trusting…..

537. Thankful when I saw this post on my mom’s Facebook wall last night :Note to Self: Never give legos, crayons, play dough, construction paper, small scissors or anything else that has small pieces, makes small pieces, marks on anything or leaves residue everywhere to my Grandchildren. Not while they live here and not after they leave!!! I know now….why my daughter always screened the gifts I mailed prior to them seeing inside the package….and I know how Stephanie Etheredge Perdue  has felt for all these years. I mean even if 
these items are Buy 1…..Get 10 FREE!!!!!! It is amazing how perspectives change when you have to live with all of those little things:-) I love you, MaME as Sadie likes to call you these days!

538. Side note to the above number 537: Legos are annoying but it is neat to see what Jake can build with them. I am thankful that he is intentional about playing with them.

539. Thursday night a stomach bug hit our house with one good punch taking out Sadie and all of the adults one by one throughout the weekend. I am thankful that it is Monday and we are all doing well and the other kids seems to avoided certain death. Although, this could change in about 2 hours.

540.  I am thankful for my good friend Kelli Sikes. She rocks! We have been friends since 11 grade when she randomly came up to me and asked me if I thought she should cut her hair….huh? what kind of question is that to ask a stranger? Anyway, that began a life long friendship. We have lived life together. We both know the Lord now. Her first then she drug me along…naw… I am so thankful that she stayed strong and never stopped preaching Jesus to me. That is a a GREAT friend. Her hubby is pretty cool too but don’t tell him I said that he will use it against in the worst way!ha! I am glad that this is my blog and I can say anything I want to…

541. I am so thankful to hear all of the new words that Sadie is saying everyday. She is so stinking hilarious.

542. Those of you that have been following my blog know that Jake has over the years been brutally honest about my wrinkles, post pregnant jelly belly still being big, and the fact that I “don’t work.” Judd took the cake this morning….. he said “Mommy, you are skinny!” and I said “here is your million dollars what do you plan to buy?” Just teasing…about the million dollars not about his statement. I am THANKFUL for that kind of talk! all smiles!

Jake’s 7th Party

Today was a day that was sad. I was at home sick with a sick Sadie. We both had a stomach bug so we missed Jake’s 7th birthday party. It was so sad for me. I couldn’t believe I was missing his only 7th birthday. It is the only 7th birthday party that he will ever have and I was at home sick with a sick baby. Seriously!!! I do have to brag on my hubby. He took care of everything and sent me pictures throughout the night. He rocks!

We decided to celebrate in Bonaire. It was a lot of fun for all of the boys and a few girls. They got really dirty, had a water balloon fight,  enjoyed doughnuts and ice cream after a round of hot dogs.