My Firstborn

This boy is my firstborn….


Jake is also playing his first year of tackle football. To be completely honest, Jim and I were nervous after the first few practices. The coaches were making the boys run sprints, flip tires, and a lot of other drills. We wondered if Jake would get tired of it. We knew that he enjoyed playing ball, but he doesn’t live and breathe it like Judd. He came home every night telling us how much he loved football. We were excited for him! He continues to love it each week.

DSC_0041 DSC_0068
 He typically plays defensive and offensive tackle. His second game he went up against a boy who weighed 176 pounds the whole game. We are having a great season.  I love to watch my boys play ball. I love to watch them give 100%.

DSC_0074One thing that has been changing lately is the amount of hugs and loves I am getting from this boy! I typically get at least one a day now, which is so much more than I have ever gotten!!!! I am blessed to be his mommy! He is a special boy with so many special gifts. My heart is full! I love you, handsome fella!



This Boy…!!!


This boy loves all things ball. Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc..

This is our first year playing tackle football and he loves it. He loves playing. He loves the practice three nights a week. He loves to run.


He loves to score touchdowns and tackle.

DSC_0083 DSC_0094

He is playing running back and line backer. Today he scored 3 touchdowns and had 8 tackles. We WON!! 21-0.



A friend at church took these precious pictures of his game today. I couldn’t wait any longer to post them. I got all teary-eyed looking at them because all I could see was a foreshadowing of a 17 year-old boy playing football. It made me realize that these days are fleeting and my time with him is going so fast. I know he is only 6, but he is such a special fella.



I love this boy.



Quick Trip

In August we made a quick trip to TN. We left on Thursday and drove home on Sunday after church. Jim was invited to preach at Crosspointe so we made it a family vacation. It was a blessing to visit a few people and to be at Crosspointe again.

IMG_4558              IMG_4559


One of the memorable events of the trip was Caroline getting locked in the car. We were visiting with the Easley’s and as we were about the leave Caroline started crying. I asked Jim put her in the car while we said good bye. It was a nice 70 something degrees and we were gathering our things and hugging necks. Jim went around to the passenger door closed it and all the sudden the car locked itself with the keys in the ignition and Caroline in the back. Long story short: police, sheriffs and the fire department are not no longer given slim jim’s to unlock cars. I am thankful the the firemen didn’t give up and were creative about getting in the car. It took about 20 minutes but the were able to rescue my little girl. Thankfully, she was snoozing the whole time. She is good like that…


Caroline 2 Months

Mommy can’t believe you’re 2 months old already… gone are the days of you fitting into all those precious, tiny newborn clothes, as you have officially moved into 0-3 month attire as well as size 1 diapers. You’re growing like a weed. You’re so much more interactive with us these days and my heart melts with every smile, laugh, and giggle. You know our voices and as soon as I enter the room and start to talk to you, you look for me instantly…talk about happiness, I don’t think it gets much better than that. You have also discovered your hands and insist on having them in your mouth all the time…they must really taste yummy!


We have started supplimenting with the breastfeeding and I am sure that we will have move on to formula full-time within the next month. We are working to figure out with formula works best for you because you are a hungry baby. If you have a full belly you are an amazingly happy baby. I mean AMAZING!! I do believe we have been extremely blessed because you are a happy happy baby 95% of the time! And the other 5% you are hungry, tired, or wet!

One thing that we have discovered is your LOVE for your car seat. Honestly, we are shocked. You are our first baby to ever like riding in the car.

Another blessing is having Jake want to take such good care of you. He is doing a fabulous job holding, feeding, loving, and even changing your diapers. It is great to see him love on you so much and so well. I thank the Lord for answering our prayers that Caroline would be a happy baby that everyone could enjoy. IMG_4508IMG_4529

We do have a prayer request. Dr. F told us that you have a cyst growing on your forehead between your eyes.  We go to a pediatric surgeon October 1.    

IMG_4540 IMG_4551

Life with you is absolutely incredible Caroline, and I can only imagine just how much fun these next months are going to be because of you.