Jake’s 2,555th day of life

Jake is seven today.

Yesterday he was only six.

Then he went to bed, (so excited) and woke up a whole year older.

And now he’s no longer six he is SEVEN: Yes, times flies, but the memories last forever. The memories he has given others and me will last a lifetime, some funny and some serious moments.



Every year when I sit down to write your birthday letter I want to write something inspirational, I pray for the right words, the right thoughts that will seriously and appropriately convey what it is I am wishing and hoping for you, while at the same time wanting so much to be able to reach in and touch your heart and hope that you hear me and know how much I love you.

This is the year you began first grade, it is the beginning of more activities, and frankly it is a sign that the little boy that once was, is trying to be the big boy that will be.  You struggle between the two sometimes and it makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time.  It makes me happy because we work hard to help you love God, grow and learn to be independent.

I want you to know how much I adore, admire, respect and love, love, love you. Where ever your path will lead you in life I will always be two steps behind cheering you on.

I love you more than you will ever know this side of heaven. You’re honest, caring, crazy, and ready to live every minute to the fullest.  My prayer is that you will, with the heart of God, fulfill what He intends you to be and do. Please forgive me when I do not always appreciate your energy and independence. I am blessed to be your mom, blessed to watch you grow and help in that process. I am proud of you and who you are becoming.

Watching you grow these past 7 years, experiencing the little joys of childhood through your eyes, seeing all that you’ve accomplished already, skiing, swimming, and being such a bright star in our lives has really enriched our life. 

Let’s go over some stats.  I don’t have the official measurements, but you are _____ inches and _____ pounds.  You’re 2-3 in shoes, 8 in pants and 8 in shirts.  Your reading and comprehension level has sky rocketed. I can’t believe that you’re reading Little House on the Prairie level books!  You devour books and I just love seeing you grow. I just pray that you always remember that the Bible is the most important book you will ever read.

You are fearful of many things, which we are praying that you will remember to trust in the Lord when you are afraid.


Happy Birthday to the best first son a Mom could ever have! You are full of energy, love, happiness, silliness and so much more!!!! I love you Jake, thanks for calling me Mommy!

Thankfulness 511-521

511. Have I mentioned that I am loving this Georgia winter weather.
512. Today I am so very thankful for the health of my four children. God allowed all four of them to be born healthy and to remain healthy all these years.
513. I am thankful to enjoy time with ladies from Second on an overnight retreat.
514. I thoroughly enjoyed a time of fellowship with the pastor’s and their wives. It was fun to talk, laugh and just enjoy our time together.
515.I am thankful to have a few visitors from Tennessee this weekend. It was so fun to spend time with Shelley and Renee.

516. Thankful for 3 days of Ripped in 30. 
517. I have enjoyed reading “What Women Fear” by Angie Smith
518. I am so thankful for quiet nights at home with the family. 
519. Tonight was a fun night of flashlight hide-n-seek.
520. I am thankful that my sweet husband has agreed to take care of the kids while I play softball at the church.
521. I am so thankful that my husband shows me that he loves me every day of the year.