5 month update

My baby girl is growing too fast. I cannot believe Anna Kate is already 5 months, almost six months, old. She is such a blessing to our family. She seems to be growing and doing everything so much faster than to boys. As of 5 months, she eats cereal, she rolls over both ways, holds a bottle on the occasion that I give her one, graciously gives smiles and kisses, she has starting rocking on her knees acting as if she wants to starting crawling, sleeps until 7 on occasion, and my least favorite, her first tooth broke through last weekend. Yes, teeth. I can’t believe I only had five months of the beautiful toothless grin that melts my heart. As I type, she is very fussing because the second tooth is trying to break through. 🙁

I am scared to blink because she will be walking, talking, and blowing out her first candle.

all is fair in love and football

When God moved us to Tennessee He allowed us to live in this great house and He even decided to bless us with wonderful neighbors. We love their whole family but they just happen to be Alabama fans.

All day Friday all of our kids played together and as we left to go home we discussed and imaginary line that wold be drawn between our yards Saturday morning. Neither one of us, wanted to go into enemy territory 🙂 My last words before walking in the house Friday night were, “I should paint a white line down the middle.” Well the is what we woke up to on Saturday morning….
The black line was added by Jim later in the day. (just in case you are wondering, they painted in their yard not ours)

Just to through salt on the wounds, we came home from church on Sunday to find a Alabama flag on our rocking chair.

Did I really start this off by saying we love our neighbors??? 🙂 Yeah, we do! We enjoy good old fun!

Lessons Learned Through Laryngitis

It is interesting how the Lord is answers prayers.

I have been praying that I would be more intentional in my training of the boys and really try to teach them. I think one way in which I struggle is by yelling from one end of the house or raising my voice to get their attention. The Lord is quick to convict my heart, as soon as I do it I know that I should have gone to them and looked them in the eyes, spoke the direction so that I knew they understood what I needed for them to do. I can give many excuses as to why , but I think it is best described by saying, this is one of those Romans 7:15 moments,”I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” I know that the Lord is working through me, but He has chosen an interesting way of teaching me this week.


I am now forced to walk to them, knell down, look them in the eyes, speak softly and clearly. I must ask myself, “Self, why don’t you do this every time?” God is growing me and everyday I need to remember that I have to decrease self and He must increase.

However, speaking softly is hard when Judd is in the neighbors yard playing and I think he is going to run into the street. I am sure I sounded like a dying cat tonight screaming JJJJUUUUDDDDDDD! either way it got his attention:-)

Gas vs Diesel

This morning while we were waiting for Jim at church Jake went into Anna Kate’s class to visit with her and her teacher. A few minutes later several of the preschool ladies were laughing very loudly. One came and got me and told me to go talk to Anna Kate’s teacher because she had a story to tell me.

Here’s the story:

Sally (name changed to protect identity):-), Anna Kate’s teacher, was holding Anna Kate and she began to smell something. She said “Anna do you have a dirty diaper” and after completing the one finger diaper check she realized Anna Kate was still clean. She then said, “Anna Kate did you have some gas.” Jake said “huh” so Sally being funny looked a Jake and said ” Well, Jake did you have some gas”

Drum roll….
Jake said “No, I have diesel”

Will you be my friend?

I can’t believe I now have a Facebook. I think this is SO Funny. I am not sure how much I will do with it, but it is an interesting thing. How weird is it to “ask people to be your friend?” I don’t remember the last time I had to ask someone to be my friend. Will you be my friend? “check yes or no.”