Thankfulness #465-473

Today is my 9th anniversary!  

I am so thankful for the following:
465.  I am thankful that I am married to my best friend. 
466.  Sharing my life with someone so awesome. 

467.  I am thankful that two are better than one; together we stronger than we are apart.
468.  I love having someone to laugh with.
469.  He is here to hold me when life gets me down.
470.   I am so thankful that I have someone to come home to.
471.  Jim challenges me in my walk with the Lord and it is a blessing.  

472.  I am thankful that he is willing to help with the laundry.
473.  And honestly, it is nice knowing that he is near and that we get to cuddle.
I love you! I am thankful for you and all of the many ways God has blessed our marriage!

Thankfulness #414-#464

Why we are thankful for DADDY!

414. You are YOU!

415. You are almost always calm.

416. You read the Bible to us.
417. You are fun!
418. You always try to make it home for dinner.
419. You encourage us to be our best.
420. You make us smile.
421. You are an amazing husband.
422. You are fun to play with.
423. You keep us safe.
424. You take us out to eat.
425. You play the Wii with us.
426. You play Dead Gorilla with us.
427. You throw us high.
428. You have a loving personality.
429. You are patient.
430. You are FUN Daddy.

431. You complete Mommy.
432. You play games with us.
433. You joke around with us.
434. You are holy.
435. You are godly.
436. You love the Lord.
437. You are our hero.
438. You watch the Braves with us.
439. You watch the Bulldogs with us.
440. You play princess dress-up with us.
441. You sing songs with us.
442. You lead us in family worship.
443. You are the grill master.
444. You are the best Mario player ever.
445. You play the guitar.
446. You love books.
447. You send sweet emails to mom.
448. You like to send mom sweet texts.
449. You give good hugs.
450. You are MARVELOUS.
451. You like to build train tracks.
452. You like to play cars.
453. You like to read Fancy Nancy books.
454. You are very smart.
455. You are a great Pastor Jim.
456. You like to play outside.
457. You like to be our coach.
458. You like to throw the football and baseball.
459. You are living .
460. You are peaceful.
461. You are good.
462. You are faithful.
463. You are self-controlled.
464. You work hard for our family.

Thankfulness #401-413

This is Anna Kate’s thankfulness list for today. I have decided to as the kids to tell me what they are thankful for over the next few days. This is Anna Kate’s list. I must say that all I said to her was “Anna Kate, what are you thankful for today?”

401. Liberty (HUH? I am not quite sure I know why she said this, although it did make me chuckle!
402. My friend Salsa
403. My sister Sadie
404. My mommy
405. Ms. Shelley
406. Jake and Judd
407. My daddy
408. Nae-Nae
409. Food
410. JESUS
411. The Celebration (I do not know what she is talking about.)
412. Curious George
413. Books

Our orders from come from the Top!!

“The steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.”

I belong to God. Jim belongs to God. We’ve committed both our individual lives and our marriage to His calling and purpose

It was God’s leading that brought us to Crosspointe Baptist Church in Millington, Tennessee in August of 2007. He gave us a passion for this city, for this church and over the last few years we’ve developed a love for each and every one of you. The blessings of God have been abundant and you have made this journey so wonderful. I’m convinced that our days here have been ordained by the Lord.

That’s why this is so difficult. Through many months of prayer, we are convinced that God is asking us to travel down a new path, a path that will lead us away from Crosspointe and away from the CPBC family. Our home church, Second Baptist Church in Warner Robins, GA, has asked Jim to be their new pastor.  As of Sunday, November 13th, he has accepted their invitation.  Our tenure will conclude on the last day of November. This decision is the most difficult one we’ve had to make up to this point in our ministry. The difficulty comes not in saying yes to the Lord, but in saying goodbye to all of you.

Proverbs 16:9. “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

In our hearts we never thought this day would come. We’ve served here with the mindset that we would never leave. However, the Lord has been stirring our hearts and we can say with full certainty that our time here is coming to an end.

We’ve become family over the past few years and now we’re moving away. As hard as it is to say goodbye the fact is we’re still family. As a matter of fact, maybe goodbye is the wrong word. The phrase “see you later” seems more appropriate.

God directs our steps and promises not to leave us nor forsake us. I’m confident that if God is leading us on to something new and wonderful then the same is true for all of you. If God is preparing to bless Jim and me with a new work then He’s preparing to bless all of you with a new pastor. We really believe that your best days are yet ahead.

We love you Crosspointe!!!

Thankfulness #386-400

Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good!!

Thanking Him for these autumn moments thus far…

386. Colorful leaves

387. Getting a Starbucks coffee

388. all the laundry clean as we start a new week

389. Ripe apples filling the fruit basket

390. Early morning fires to warm up beside

391. I am thankful for a big yard with lots and lots of trees

392. Listening to my boys cheer on the cardinals in the World Series and the Bulldogs to victory over Florida.

393. Sticking hand prints on the refrigerator and the smell of maple syrup kisses

394. All of the veterans that we will remember this month

395. For friends and so many encouraging texts and phone calls

396. Mema taking the boys to see Dolphin Tale

397. Spending sometime with just the girls

398. That the children are all snuggled into their beds sleeping soundly.
399. That the main living part of the house is picked up, unpacked, and mostly in order.
400. Toliet paper. I am so thankful for toilet paper. Aren’t you?