Sadie Boo Turns 5

This girl is the true definition of the days are long and the years are short. Sadie and I have had some long years, but I can honestly say we are having the best time now. We have a lot of fun together. She loves to wear gym clothes, take a little run, and take care of all people. She is fabulous! She has never been far from my side and that surely hasn’t changed. I trip over her multiple times a day.


I am so proud of my sweet girl and there are some things I would like her to know on her 5th birthday……..


1. You maturing into a beautiful little lady, inside and out.
2. You are a wonderful big sister. You walk your little sister, Caroline to her preschool class each Tuesday and Thursday.
3. Your favorite color is red and pink.
4. Your favorite food is momma’s mac n cheese and watermelon.
5. You had an Ariel Birthday Party for your birthday.
6. You asked for make-up and a “fart” cushion for your birthday presents.
7. You tell me all the time how you are going to live close to me always.
8. You are smart and you love to teach school or play Dr. Sadie.
9.. You like to skin the cat on the monkey bars.
10. You are loving and loud, sweet and sassy. Your smile and facial expressions crack me up because i can see glimpses of the fifteen year old you.

I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in your heart and life for 5!!  I love you.

imageIMG_0593IMG_0530 2

This year for your birthday you wanted to have Areil come to our house and put make-up on you and your friends. We had a lovely time celebrating YOU sweet girl.IMG_0638IMG_0645