Last day of First Grade….and Preschool

Our school year ended months ago, but I wanted to be sure and update about our 2011-2012 school year. It was a great day when we were officially done. When our 180 days were complete. I am not quite sure who was more excited. I regret that I didn’t get a last day of school picture. Oh well! This season of my life is a little chaotic.

It is hard to believe that Jake is no longer a first grader and that Judd is finished with Preschool. This year I continued using Abeka for Jake and I believe that it is a super thorough curriculum for phonics and math. It can get boring an mundane but it is so great for teaching the foundations of phonic and arithmetic.

This time last year, Judd asked me to teach him to read. I told him that we would spend the year learning to read and that is what we did this school year. Judd is now reading and he loves it. He is anxious to learn more during his Kindergarten year.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed Classical Conversations this year. We began with a community in TN, but transferred in January to our new Community in Georgia. It has been a great transition and a wonderful group. CC adds so much to our homeschool experience. I can’t say enough good things about Classical Conversations.

I love teaching my kids. I love having them home with me. I realize that the days go by so fast and  at this point I can’t imagine them being gone for most of the day. However, I must admit there are days that I question our decision to keep them home, but I know that God has called us to this for this season of our lives.  I believe my main struggle during these days is having my spunky Sadie. I am anxious to see how our next year will flow since she will only be napping during the afternoon.  

I am so thankful for and love the relaxing days, swimming, playing, traveling, and the fun of summer. It refreshes my soul.

Potty Training Sadie: Day 2 and a week later

This morning she woke up and started telling me that she had to go potty. Every time she would said “polly, polly” we would run to the potty. Several times she would go but many times it was a false alarm just to try and get a jelly bean:-)

Just before lunch I decided we would take this show on the road and go pick blueberries…

We picked blueberries for about 30 minutes and she went potty on the frog in the back of my car several times. It was a fun outing without any accidents. 
Here we are a week later.  She is still doing a great job telling us when she has to go. Yes, she still likes to trick us so that she can get a jelly bean. I spend most of my days running from which ever room I am in at the moment to the potty. It is exhausting but I am truly amazed at how quickly she is catching on to this potty training stuff. 
One thing that I don’t want to forget is how she will say yucky when she goes number 2…

Potty Training Sadie: Day 1

When do we move ahead and never turn back….
Last week at Beach Retreat, Sadie started telling me that she was dirty and needed to go potty.  I decided that I would potty train her when we got back into town. I knew my window of opportunity was open and I better not miss it.

She is 19 months old so we started potty training on June 11. Of course, I am using the 7 days and $75 method once again.

“The general idea is parents stay at home with the child for several days and allow the child to walk around the house naked all day long. The potty is put out so it is constantly available to the child. Parents regularly remind the child to use the potty when necessary. Rosemond argues that children won’t tolerate urine and feces running down their legs, and will quickly learn to go to the potty to avoid accidents. The $75 is for carpet cleaning.”

She woke up this morning and I put her new panties on her and we let her run free with her pajamas on. Her first trip to the potty she didn’t go but she enjoyed sitting on the potty and reading books. I set the timer on the microwave for 20 minutes. When it beeped we ran to the bathroom.  She sat and then got up and wet her pants. Set the timer again…she wet in her pants….timer beeped. Set timer….she wet all over the floor! She wet six times before her 2:00 nap time. However, she woke up dry from her nap and went tinkle on the potty. We had several more accidents and then 6 false alarms before success finally came at about 6 p.m. when she was hanging out with Daddy.

She is doing so well. I am proud of her.

Lights are out and I am going to bed. I have to wake up and do this all over again.

Blogging about the Beach

This week we went with Second Baptist Youth to Cocoa Beach, Fl for Beach Retreat 2012. Jim and I were blessed to be able to speak to the high school girls and boys.  We were also able to take the kids with us. It was so much playing with them at the beach. 
Sadie absolutely loved the pool and the waves the first few days. I did have a video of her playing in the waves but she deleted it off of my phone yesterday morning. It was so adorable! Every time she would hear the waves coming she would say “ready!”

 We had an added bonus this beach retreat….cousins! Sunni and Mary Kate went on their first beach retreat this year. We all loved having them with us!

 Anna Kate, Jake and Judd loved playing in the sand for hours everyday. The boys would either build sand castles or play in the ocean on their boogie boards.


This is what Jim did for his few minutes on the beach…football!!! However, he did play in the ocean with the girls. 

On Wednesday, it was a little chilly at the pool. Of course, my two cold nature kids needed a towel to get warm. 

 Ahhh….tired babies sleep on the way home…..