Praying for My Children

It is so weird to write children instead of “boys.” How different to know that I have a little girl coming in 11 weeks.

I read this verse last night and it really motivated me to start praying more specifically and consistently for my children.

Lamentations 2:19 says “Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children.”

I spent some time last night researching how other couples pray for their children and this is one idea that I thought would work for us. If you know me then you know that I am a list person so I need a list to stay focused.

Jim and I plan to take time to discuss each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, by doing this we can commit to pray through each of those areas and work with them to embrace their strengths and have victory over their weaknesses. At the end of 6 months we can reevaluate, update, and praise the Lord for his faithfulness. Also, by writing these down we will be able to look back and see how faithful our God is at answering our prayers.

They belong to Him, we are just allowed us the incredible blessing of raising them for a short time. I want that time to be productive and effective in His eyes.

If you have any input on the topic let me hear from you.

Boy vs Girl Names

Boys names are so easy to figure out. We have two more on our list, but girls names have always been hard for us to decide on. We know that we want it to be a GIRL name. Not a name that could be a girl or could be a boy. We don’t want anyone reading or hearing the name and wandering, hmm, is this is a boy or a girl. 

For example: Jake, there is no doubt in your mind that he is a boy. No question with that one. Judd, once again no question. 
As we continue on this journey to name our little girl, we know that her name will have been well thought out. 

Perdue Family Update

I know that I haven’t even said Happy New Year, but life has been a bit overwhelming at times. I just thought I would give quick update of the end of 07 and the beginning of 08.

Dec 23- Drove to Atlanta
Dec 24- Perdue and Etheredge Christmas
Dec. 25- Brown and Perdue Christmas
Dec 26- Shopping and Jim Cleghorn’s Birthday
Dec 27- Try to relax
Dec 28- Travel to Atlanta
Dec 29- Judd’s Birthday Party at the Mansion and Judd’s One year Pictures
Dec. 30- Travel to Jackson, Ga for church and enjoy Family time at Nanabuds lake house
Dec 31- Jim went hunting and came home with a fever
This is where it gets good:
Dec 31- 11:35 p.m Jake wakes me up telling me that his tummy hurts…..
We stay up off and on until 4 a.m. with him throwing up and then at 4:30 the other part of the stomach bug starts to hit him so we stay up until 7:30 going to sit on the potty….Oh Yeah…Happy New Year!
Jan 1- The day we had planned to travel home…didn’t happen! Jim left us in Georgia so he could get back to work. Judd started throwing up at noon and we just all laid around watching football.
Jan 2- Nana graciously brought us back to TN.
Jan 3- Jim and I felt pretty horrible all day and the boys still needed to recover so all four of us stayed on the couch all day. Jake will Jim and Judd with me. It really was a sweet time to cuddle,but we all felt yucky!!
Jan 4- We finally felt better. I started organizing the house some.
Jan 5- Jim is sick again-this make for another rough day
Jan 6- Church and Jim leaves for Lynchburg for the week
Jan 7-9 The boys and I try to manage without daddy around.
Jan 10- Jake wakes up with pinkeye.
Jan 11- Can’t wait to see Daddy
We are hoping the Jan 14 will bring a new day, new year, and a normal schedule to our daily lives. 
I am blessed, but overwhelmed  this week. Question: what in the world am I going to do with three? I am just thankful this is Jim’s last class!!!!

Baby Trey Update

Many of you have read this, but I thought it was worth posting:

On Dec 21, Jim and I went to have a 3D/4D ultrasound in Memphis. I really wanted to have a video of this baby since I had one for both of the boys and none of the ultrasound places around here would record my 20 week ultrasound. It was so cool seeing the baby in 4D.

Another reason we decided to get the ultrasound was I wanted to surprise our parents on Christmas morning with the gender of the baby. No, I didn’t want to find
out, but I thought that it would be a nice present for our parents. It was a really hard decision for me.

Let’s pause and rewind a few weeks before I continue. At our 20 week ultrasound the baby’s legs were crossed, but the technician made a guess and Jim was able to find out on his 30th birthday. I still didn’t want to know and I didn’t want to find our if her guess was wrong, so I decided not to look at the picture. He did a great job of keeping it a secret.
Okay, back to the 3D ultrasound…..

When we got into the room I told Jim that if we could tell then I would try and guess the gender. So the lady started the video and I was able to tell immediately. I guessed and I was right. I must say now that I will not find out in the future. I REALLY enjoy not knowing….but since our parents and the rest of our family know I thought I would share our
news with each of you.

Jake has known since day one and he has always said “We are having a GIRL!!!” How did I raise such a smart kid!!!

Happy New Year!!! Our world will change in April!

p.s. No she doesn’t have a name!