June Recap

Since I am so behind in my posts I am going to try and catch up with one post. On June 14, we left Memphis to go to Youth Retreat in Panama City Beach. We stopped in Birmingham to meet Mrs. Mary so that she could take the kids to Georgia for the week while Jim and I went on to Florida. Mom was able to come up and spend a few days helping Mrs. Mary watch the kids. Actually, I think they helped each other a lot and they slept well each night.

The kids were able to swim, play at the Mansion and have a very fun day at the Atlanta Zoo. Here is a recap of their week in pictures.

The kids sleep almost the whole way to Birmingham. It was the MOST amazing ride that we have ever experienced traveling with our children.

Yes, that is Anna Kate sleeping under her blankets. It is the only way she will fall alsleep. No, I didn’t leave her like that the whole time.
A rare occasion for us. Jake is napping and he is napping in the car! I am telling you, it was a GREAT ride.
Sweet Baby Judd, you can always count on him to sleep.

In the car with Nana, awake, all buckled up and ready to go to Georgia.

Monkey Boy, Judd!

Good Job, Judd!
Jake had a lot of fun feeding the birds.
I don’t think she was very interested in the birds.

Happy Father’s Day

This is my Father’s Day picture. When Jake was two typed a poem for Jim and then put his hand print on it. I decided that I was going to do this for all of the children when they turn two.

Judd is two so we sat down to do his hand print and this picture describes what transpired. He loves to paint, trace his hand, put his hand prints on paper. I have know idea why he freaked out at this particular moment. It was really sad and then it made me a bit frustrated. Needless to say, mommy won and the hand print was done.

I promise to update soon!

We have been so busy this summer and my blog has been a clear reflection of what little time I spend updating. My hope is to get caught up this week. Thanks for being patient.

Things to update:
1. Kids trip to Georgia
2. Beach Retreat 2009
3. Summer Pictures
4. Kid Updates
5. 365 Project: I have been taking the pictures I just haven’t taken the time to upload them to the blog.

Beach Retreat 2009

As I mentioned before, we went to Youth Beach Retreat in Panama City. It was a great week. We were able to spend time getting to know the youth and I was able to enjoy 3-4 hours of time on the beach each day. It was marvelous!

These are just a few pictures. I am sure that there are a few more but I just haven’t seen them.

Jim was called on stage to sing a song in Spanish. He did a great job!.

Kids Say the Funniest Things

This is the whole story. I was sitting on the floor and he wrapped his arm around my leg. He said why are your legs not big, but then he said why are they bigger than daddy’s. So of course I asked, are you saying my legs are big or little. It was only after that question did the others follow. I guess I should not ask for clarification next time.

I was helping Judd push up a popsicle. He asked you help me push up my popsicle mommy? Yes, buddy I am helping you. Mommy, you wipe my bottom? Yes (chuckle) I wipe your bottom. Mommy, nobody help you wipe your bottom. Cracking up, no buddy mommy doesn’t need help.


Since it is finally getting warm and the kids beg Jim to go swimming with them. I also think this is due to the fact that the water is not nearly warm enough for me to get in the pool so mommy will not get in with them. I prefer it to be 80 degrees in the water before I get wet.

On this particular day, we cut grass and then they all got in the pool. Did you notice that my man is cutting grass holding a babygirl? He didn’t do it the whole time but she would have gladly let him.

Babygirl gets Daddy’s attention first!
Now it is time for the real fun to begin!

We really enjoy our pool!