Sadie Lady Turns Quatro

IT feels like just a MINUTE ago, my baby girl Sadie was born.


I don’t ever want to forget:
Pony tails: they are a must during this season of your life. You want pony tails and braids.
High heels: You love high heels.
Lipstick: lip gloss is your favorite
Make up: you want to wear make-up but you really like for mommy to wear make up
Running: you love to put on your “gym clothes” and go run around the drive way and come back “tired” just like mommy.

Time really does zoom by, when you are having fun

You are:

A princess to the king
You are destined
You have a gift to make everyone feel special.
You know everyone.
You love all people.You do question everything that looks different, which can be embarrassing, but you are learning. You really like for me to wear make up and remind me when I “forget.”We thank the Lord for you and all of your traits even before we know how he will use you. We praise Him for the battles we have to “fight” everyday. He has mighty and for you little lady, my Sadie!


Eph 2:10: prayer for Sadie
Reign in your own desires and follow the Lord’s path that He has laid out before you.

On October 22, Sadie turns 4. Her birthday celebration was cancelled and rescheduled due to sickness and Mommy and Daddy going on a trip. We are planning to have a gymnastics party. It has been postponed until everyone gets well and we arrive home.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Sadie, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Sadie Lady, You love your family so much.  We pray heaps of blessings on you this year, knowing that your future is bright. You my love, are going to do big things in life. You are a treasure to mommy and daddy!!
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Judd’s Baptism


Tonight, June 22, 2014, Judd made his decision to follow Christ public through baptism. Our church held a baptismal service during our Family Fun Night at the Agricenter in Perry. Judd is the only one in our family so far that can say he was baptized in cattle trough.

He has been asking us for several years to get baptized. He actually made his Profession of Faith Aug 26, 2012, which was the night that Jake was baptized. He had asked us periodically if he could be baptized. He wanted everyone to know that he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.


It was an awesome night and I am thankful that he has taken this step of faith. I pray for his as he continues to live for the Lord. He is so young but God has such an amazing plan for his life. I just pray that I don’t get in the way of what God wants to do in and through Judd. We are blessed to be his parents. This is Judd Perdue and he is not ashamed!

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Summer SonSeekers

This summer the boys participated in Summer SonSeekers at church. The presented the musical Agape League. Jake was IronBlade whose part lost his super ability, self control, and Judd was Golden Guy whose ability was goodness.

They spent months rehearing and both fellas did a great job performing. They honored Jesus and our church very well.

IMG_7481  IMG_7502




As in AnnaKateisms. I love a glimpse inside my girl’s mind, and the things she says always make me think, make me smile or make me laugh out loud. We have been collecting this list for several years. I’m adding them now because I just don’t want to ever forget.

I hear your computation (conversation)
She doesn’t t write like a human she scribbles
Extrasice (exercise)
Can you speak it up
Can you pause that ( while reading)
I just saw a bandage truck (ambulance)
I want to do junenastics (gymnastics).
Mommy, where is my brain?
Ran all the way through a screen door-hilarious.
We are at the Theodore (theatre) to watch Despicable Me
I saw the North Pole star (North Star) yesterday.
The physical appearance of the please makes no difference. The answer is still no.

Today she got he clip pulled 2 twice. She told ms. Hopper: I don’t know why I’m crying. I can’t stop it. It starts in my heart and goes all the way up and comes out of my eyes. I just can’t stop it. Ms. Hopper told her that it was Jesus making it happen and that it was good that she felt that way…. #emotional #teenyearswillbeinteresting

Mommy, “it’s like there’s a party in my head”
Hahaha!! Ak is shooting the ball and she said I need to get the ball in home plate. Confused?

Are you hungry? AK: “My stomach tells me that I’m not, and my stomach tells me that I am.”

Ak: mom your eyes look really bad.
Me: I know babe I don’t have make up on
Ak: are you going to put make up on so your eyes don’t look so bad?
Me: yes
Ak: What will people say if you don’t put make up on your eyes?

I’m getting a pear. A pair of gloves.

AK keeps us laughing all.the.time. She just came down stairs and said “daddy the falcons are playing my favorite sea creature (the dolphins).”

Daddy, when I’m older can we invite a lot of men over here and who ever works the hardest, loves Jesus the most and prays the best we will pick to be my husband.

Life is always fun with this little lady in our house.


First Day of School 2014-2015

Its the first day of school !!! Actually, the first day of school fell on different days for them but for the sake of time we will just pretend that the first day was today, August 19, 1014. It is hard to believe that I have a fourth grader, second grader, first grader and a preschooler. Jake was the least excited about school this year. I think his smile was fake and for me! We are blessed to be homeschooling again this year usually a hybrid of two days a week they are in “school” and the other three they at are home with me. I am praying that is it a great year for everyone.

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