Happy New Year! New Years Eve was spent watching the bulldogs lose, and with family and friends.
Here is a picture of Mema and the kiddos.

We let them have a few sparklers and then they walked Jim set off other fireworks.

They even gave him a round of applause during the finale.

Wrapping Up Christmas 2010

This year was very different than the others since moving to Tennessee. In the previous years, we have always stayed in Tennessee until Dec 25 and travel to Georgia after celebrating Christmas morning with our family. Jim and I decided to drive to Elko and spend Christmas Eve at my mom’s house. We knew that we needed to all be together this Christmas season.
On Christmas Eve, we celebrated Christmas with Papa Wayne at my Grandmother’s house. The boys enjoy playing with Papa Wayne.

Before continuing our tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve, Jake helped Mema make our Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes for Christmas morning. Each child got a new pair of pajamas. The boys received matching Mario Brothers pants. Anna Kate’s pajamas were monkeys and Sadie’s were cuddle bears.

Christmas morning is always fun! I just love stockings! We didn’t have stocking growing up so I enjoy watching my kids open their stockings.

Sadie slept through Christmas morning!

One other difference about the Christmas 2010, is the several lasts we experienced. This was our last Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion.

This year we were able to experience a White Christmas, although we didn’t get to enjoy the snow until the next morning. Don’t these two little girls look “snow” happy together.

This our whole family celebrating our last Christmas dinner at the Mansion.

Opening all the presents…..
Sunday night we took all of the grandkids to Big Buddy’s office at the Capitol to take pictures. They enjoyed taking pictures and then playing in the Capitol for a couple of hours.

This desk picture has a story. We have always taken a picture after each new grandchild/ren. The original picture was taken with Sunni and Mary Kate, the next with Jack and the twins, then Jake, Jack and the twins, etc…However, in 2008 their were three babies born in one year and then in 2010 their were two, Eleanor and Sadie. We started with two grandchildren and ended with twelve. Another point of interest, in each new picture the previous framed picture is sitting on the desk.

2 months

This has been a long two months. Little Sadie has done a lot of crying, spitting up, and not living on a very good schedule. It has been hard. BUT:

I have figured out that she has a dairy allergy and she has silent reflux. I am no longer eating anything that contains milk, cheese or butter. She is a different little girl. She doesn’t cry very much at all, except for when she wants to be held. She has actually started smiling some of the sweetest smiles. She is nursing well and life is finally feeling somewhat normal, well normal for having a two month old in the house.
She is a wonderful addition to our family. We are all in love with her. She isn’t really partial to anyone holding her except for me, which bothers Jake and Judd at times. They both want to hold her, but she just gets really fussy every time we let them. I am praying that she will eventually let them hold her again so that she can see just how much they love their new baby sister.
Praying for a great 3rd month! Maybe a little more sleep…yeah, that would be nice!

A Few Firsts

Little Miss Sadie has experienced a few firsts in her life the past few weeks. We have seen a few smiles and she was given her first bottle by her daddy two nights ago. She is growing so fast!

Daddy always gets the honor of giving the babies their first bottle.
Here is daddy’s little helper:

Also, here is a picture of her first Ta-da!

Celebrating Judd

On Friday, December 10, we celebrated Judd with just a few friends. All year he has told us that he wants a bowling party. The bowling alley was completely booked on Saturday so we decided to create our own party. (Pictures to come)
He loved bowling and enjoyed his party, especially the cake and ice cream.

On December 14, which is Judd’s actual birthday he woke up to streamers hanging from his door.

Fortunately, Daddy was able to come home from work for a brief time so that Judd could open his presents right after he woke up. He loved all of his presents. This year we gave him a Tag Reading System. He really likes it and so does his brother and sister.

After eating a breakfast consisting of birthday cake we went to the store to buy Judd’s his long awaited “4th birthday present,” GUM!. At the Perdue home, you are not allowed to chew gum until you are four. This started with Jake and has continued with Judd. This little boy has wanted gum for two years so today was THE DAY! He finally got to chew gum. Do you see the big wad in his check? It was precious to see him smack each piece.

For his birthday meal, he chose to eat dinner at McDonalds. Can’t you tell he is 4, of all the restaurants he chose McDonalds. It was a great time for all of the kids. Jim and I enjoyed it also because we were able to enjoy a quiet conversation while they played..hmmmm….come to think of it maybe I will choose McDonalds for my birthday. Little Sadie slept through the whole dinner and party. We are thankful!

My Baby Boy Turns 4

This is turning into a yearly ritual: me getting teary eyed and emotional on the day of my son’s birthday.

You were our biggest newborn at 7.8 pounds and now you weight 39 lbs.

4 years old! Wow! 3 was a special age… no longer a baby.. but somehow still too young to be a ‘young man’. But at 4, your babyhood is behind you. You are a school-aged child! When did that happen?

Sweet boy… I just adore you. I love the person you are turning into.
I love that you were, and still are, a great sleeper.
I love that every morning you come crawl in the bed and snuggle with us.

I love how you continually crack us up hourly with silly jokes, funny sayings and goofy faces.
I love that you ask me every day to do school!

I love how your smile can light up a whole room.
I love that you are writing your name, learning all of your letters and sounds, and learning 1+1=2.

I love that you love to watch football, basketball and baseball with your daddy.

I love that you have an amazing imagination.
Your imaginary friends are Tiger, Lion and Bobby.
I love all of your million drawings that you draw for me.
I love how thoughtful you are becoming.

I love how you pray for others, especially Bianca and her family.
I love that you are best friends with you brother and sisters, but you are really close to Jake. I just wish I could get you to stop screaming at them when they upset you.
I love how you will pretty much stop anything that you are doing to come and snuggle with me and read a book.

I love that you are very physical, love to rough and tumble, are coordinated and doing a great job playing ball.

At 4 your personality is just so sweet, sensitive, and caring. I look forward to discovering the gifts and talents that God has given you. As your mom, I’m beginning to see a glimmer of the special gifts you’ve been entrusted with.

God has great things in store for you Judd. I just know it. He has a great plan for you, my child, and I am so incredibly blessed to have a very small part in that… to help guide you and walk along side you until you’re ready to do all on your own.

There is so much more I could say and I am sure that I am missing something really special but remember:

Your daddy and I love you, Juddman!! Happy Birthday!

Marvelous Grace

Ten years ago, on December 10, 2000, God saved me and radically changed my life. Prior to accepting Jesus as my Savior I did have some knowledge of who He was from going to church with my grandmother as a little girl. I could sing “Jesus Loves Me” and I did believe that song to be very true.

I was like most people living without Jesus. I didn’t think I was a bad person; in fact I felt I was doing fairly well. I lived my life to please others; whether by making good grades to find acceptance with my parents or in the friendships and relationships I chose as a teenager and in college.

The Lord allowed the relationships I relied on the most to crumble all around me. He allowed my heart and my will to break into a million pieces, only for me to reach the end of myself and the lowest point in my life. It was at time I could only look up to Him. I am thankful for friends who were able to show me the road to true life through a relationship in Jesus Christ. It was during this time that they took me to church and I heard for the first time that there was a difference between knowing who Jesus is in your “head” versus knowing Him in your “heart.” I knew at that moment that I needed and wanted to know this Jesus they were talking about. For several nights after that service, I would pray that I needed God and I wanted Him to take control of my life. I knew that He was the one who was Lord over my life. It was hard for me to accept that He had died on the cross for my sins, but it was so overwhelming to believe that He did it because He loved me so much. It wasn’t until the next Sunday that I walked the aisle to discuss my decision with a minister and he explained to me that if I truly meant what I was praying every night that I was saved and that I was a child of the King. I was so relieved, overwhelmed and changed.

Over the next few months, God replaced all of my old ways with ones that honored Him. My life and every part of me was made new. It was an exciting time. He continues to change me and grow me to this day. The life that I experience through Christ is greater than I could have ever dreamed and it is all because of the marvelous grace of God.

I’ll Go Easy…

This morning I had a conversation with Judd. Background information first, Judd and Jake are playing basketball for Crosspointe. this is Judd’s first year and he is loves basketball. This isn’t a surprise, he loves every sport especially the ones that include a ball. He is doing really well to be the youngest one on the team. He hustles and defends. He also made a goal in the first game.

Here goes:
Judd: Mommy, will you play bball with me upstairs.
Mommy: Not right now I am folding clothes and doing school with Jake.
Judd: I’ll go easy on ya…..
So, an almost four year old is talking trash to his momma! I love that kid!