First Days of School

School looks different for our family this year. Jake and Judd are attending a two-day a week school for homeschool. They are enjoying going to school two days a week and I am enjoying becoming more of a facilitator of learning this year. 



Anna Kate is in Kindergarten this year. Amazing that she is old enough to be in school. She is going to school at the church 5 days a week. 

My silly Sadie is going to preschool two days a week also. IMG_4523 IMG_4524We are enjoying our new school schedule. We are still looking for a routine. I’m sure it will come within the next few months. We are blessed to have this many options. Blessed!

Oh how I love summer!

I love summer! I love everything about summer except the pesky mosquitoes. I hate them. Summer goes by so fast and winter draaaaagggggssss on forever each year. It is hard to believe that school started back a few weeks ago. Egad!!! what I love about summertime is the non-schedule. I really love the summer break, the carefree days of doing nothing, having no agenda, playing, swimming, lounging, laughing.

This summer isn’t any different. It is going by so fast and the kids are getting bigger. This summer Anna Kate learned to swim and she is very proud, so are we.

We have loved and enjoyed our summer. These summer days are flying by, and while I feel like I’m enjoying them and savoring them and we’re doing lots of fun summery stuff, the time I have to blog seems to be less. I guess because I’m out there enjoying all that sunshine. We went to the beach, boys went to baseball camp, VBS (Summer SonSeekers), lots of swimming, baby waiting, baby holding, skiing, learning to wakeboard, and sleepless nights. This summer was special for several reasons. Baby Caroline was born but the Kenney’s moved to Georgia

IMG_3819 IMG_3855 IMG_4305 IMG_4375 IMG_4420 IMG_4478

Its been a great summer!

There’s Never a Bad Day at the Beach

We were very fortunate and blessed to be able to attend Youth Retreat again this year. Our family loves to spend time with the youth and spend a few days at Cocoa Beach. I was 36 weeks pregnant. A few people were nervous that I may go into labor. It didn’t happen that week and I was pregnant 5 more weeks.  We all LOVE the beach except for Jim. We spent a lot of time at the beach playing and enjoying the sun. Thanks SBC for allowing us the opportunity the serve along side you guys.

IMG_3742IMG_3710 IMG_3720 IMG_3723 IMG_3729 IMG_3734 IMG_3741

Caroline is 1 Month

Just like that she turned one month. A one month recap

IMG_4227 July 3: And then she was home. And there were plenty of willing hands to hold her. She settled in nicely to our family, and the kids are doing great. Sadie and Jake want to be next to her constantly.

IMG_4285 IMG_4288 IMG_4320 IMG_4419 IMG_4426  IMG_4278There are a lot of Caroline events that look like this – the whole family gathered around, wanting to participate. It is an all out affair just to change her diaper!


She had her first bath. It was a family event as well, with lots of helpful hands.

It is hard to think that she won’t be my sweet little newborn baby anymore. So I’m savoring the moments, enjoying this time with our sweet family.