Anna Kate’s Week

Yes, this is Christmas week and its always a special time of year for us. However, it seems that AK’s has had an exceptional great week this far.

I woke her up early Monday morning to take her to Macon for her extra special Christmas present. She got her EARS pierced. She was really giddy on the way there chanting ” I’m getting me ears pierced!” She told me she was so excited and she kept asking me if it was going to hurt.

When we arrived she picked out a pair of flower earrings. The nurses quickly pierced her ears and we were out of the office. She did so great. She didn’t cry…just a little DEEP breaths.

We got out of the office and she called her daddy to tell him. As we drove home she kept saying “this is the best Christmas present ever” “I love this Christmas!”

At bedtime that night, I prayed with her and b=put her to bed but not before she whispered in my ear “Mommy, thank you for the ear piercing. I love it” It has been a fun experience and memory to share with her.

It’s now Christmas Eve and she is once again experienced another HUGE milestone in  life. She lost her first tooth. How exciting it that? Loosing your first tooth on Christmas Eve. The tooth fairy and Santa will becoming. (wink.wink)

It has been fun for us all.

One last thing, Friday Decemeber 20, she came to me during quiet time and asked me if I believed in the Jolly fat man. I told her the truth because I didn’t want to lie to her. She seemed a bit disappointed, but she has enjoyed being a big girl knowing.

We are truly blessed by this little girl. My first daughter. I love you AK.


Juddman is seven

I can hardly believe my baby boy is seven! Judd is funny, sensitive, smart, tender-hearted and loving. He loves his family, friends, Legos, ipod games, football, and baseball. He is a jokester. He is extremely thoughtful and giving, and loves to leave notes and drawings for his family. He loves math (and is very good at it), and is good at reading also. I love this boy!

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012


I’ve been watching you closely lately.  This 7th year of your life has been a beautiful one, but one that has allowed me to glimpse the beginning of a journey.  You have always been my youngest dude, my sweet baby boy, my handsome.  And while you aren’t hitting your teen years, I can see a little bit of the young man you will be.

You are smart. Don’t ever forget that smart is cool.

If I was given a list of qualities I might gift to you, at the top would be kindness. Kindness wins. I want you to know I think that kind heart makes you special.  I think it makes you stronger.  The people around you deserve the gift of kindness that you choose to give. Whether you are comforting a friend, picking something up for someone, holding a door open or offering a kind word, it all matters.

Even at six, you knew right from wrong. I know it won’t always be easy. Standing up for someone when you see they need it, being the one of your friends that chooses a different path – I’m asking a lot of you, but I know you can do it. Trust yourself.

Right now, at seven, you come to me with everything.  If you get in trouble at school, if you make a bad decision, if you are mean to your sister, you confide in me.  I realize as you get older, turning to me and your Dad may not always seems as easy, but know this, we will always be here for you, no matter what. We WANT you to come to us – with questions, with worries, with concerns. We are here to protect and guide you – forever.

My goal has always been to be the best Mommy, the best teacher, you could have. You love purely, you give unconditionally and play hard with all of your heart.

Did I mention I don’t want you to grow up?  That I don’t want you to ever stop snuggling with me at night or early in the morning? That I hope you won’t ever be embarrassed to run and jump in my arms in celebration after winning a game? Happy 7th birthday, my sweet guy…. I love you very, very much.