We have a new cat. We picked her up two weeks ago. We have a mole problem in our back yard and we hope that she will get them. Jim named her Spot. She is an OUTSIDE cat. Jim and I aren’t cat fans, but we dislike moles more. Actually, Spot is very sweet with the boys.We are trying to teach them that when she meows it is not a good sound, but prrrrr means she likes what they are doing. It is a hard concept to grasp especially when meow is so funny. So far we know that she can swim and that she doesn’t like to hang by her tail…..

Friday Favorites

1. A Clean House
2. Having Friends come to visit
3. The Movie National Treasure
4. I love the beach, but I don’t like the sand or the salt water.
5. Looking at old pictures
6. Talking to my mom
7. Getting gas for $3.66
8. Going on a date with Jim
9. Anna Kate is eating every 4 hours now
Drum Roll…
10. Realizing that Judd doesn’t chew his raisins ….

Going Out: Covered Up but not Made Up

Last night Jim had a late meeting and I needed a few things from the store. I never go to Kroger, but they had Chicken on sale so I decided to pick up my needed items and some chicken breasts. Around 5:30 I packed the kids up and off we went. Did I mention that I had on a hat, t-shirt, jean capri pants, flip flops, and NO make up. You know that you have experienced those days that you hope you can make it in and out of the store without anyone seeing you, this was one of those days:-0 (Yes, I am sure you know where this is going)

Well, I get all of the babies in the cart and walk in Kroger. I was in the produce section discussing the proper way to behave in the grocery store with jake when, you guessed it I saw someone I knew….. We smile wave and I just chuckle thinking how hilarious I look with all of these children in Kroger. Several aisles later I see some one else I know, then some one keeps staring at me and I think maybe I know them too, then I see two more ladies that are picking up a few things before dinner. WOW! I am starting to think everyone was at Kroger. I love seeing people out, but I would prefer having looked a little more presentable.:-)

As a mother of three children ages three and under, make up and hair don’t always make it to the top of the list everyday (most days). I can’t promise that I will be made up, but I do believe that God desires for us to be covered up. I believe that modesty should be a desire of all women and that mommies and teenage girls need to honor the Lord in the way we dress. Summer is always hard especially when it is 106 degrees, but just like I used to tell my high school girls on youth retreats, if it isn’t for sale then you shouldn’t be advertising it.

Watermelon Fun

Last week some one in our church gave us two watermelons. I cut them up and then I let the boys eat the rest on the front porch. They had so much fun. We all LOVE watermelon! We have several watermelon plants in the back yard. They are finally growing two watermelons. I will post pictures of the vines soon. They are huge.

Anna Kate didn’t want to try watermelon this year:-) Maybe next!

Jake’s Lip

Monday afternoon I put you down for a nap and 28 minutes later I am awaked by screams coming from your room through the monitor. I run to your room and you are on the floor with blood pouring out of your mouth. I was terrified that you had knocked your teeth out. Once I got you to the bathroom and cleaned up I realized it was your lip. You bit your lip almost all the way through. I didn’t know what to do so I called your daddy at work and he came home. I didn’t know if you need stitches. I just held and loved you until he got home.

We decided that you didn’t need stitches since it didn’t go all the way through your lip. Skip as few days….your daddy is out of town and Mrs. Jessica, Cooper and Colton are staying with us. It was Thursday night and you woke me up at 2:30 am to go to the bathroom. When you turned around to go back to your room you starting asking me why your room was changing and that you wanted me to make it go back. You said that you were seeing purple and green things in your room. You asked me to get some water to wipe off the green stuff on your pillow. I checked your fever and it was 104.6. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I got Miss Jessica and then I called your Daddy. He really didn’t know what to tell me. I gave you some Motrin and looked at your lip. It was swollen and you were burning up. It took about 15 minutes for your fever to go down to 102 where it hovered for the next few hours. We stayed up until 4:45 together watching Popeye. You finally went to sleep after another round of Tylenol at 4:45.

At 8:30 the next morning I was on the phone making an appointment with the doctor. We went to the Dr. Hubbard at 9:45. She said that your lip was VERY infected and that we had to do several things so that you wouldn’t end up in the hospital. First, they pricked your finger in order to get a blood count and a strep test. Once they received the results she came in to

I’m Amazed

No one knew how alone I was feeling

And the emptiness I tried so hard to hide

Through I laughed and said my life was fine without You.

I was covering up the secret tears I cried

Then one day someone told me of Your mercy

And the love You showed on a hill called Calvary

There you died and purchased my redemption

When you broke sin’s power and set my spirit free

I’m amazed that You love me 
I’m amazed how You care

Through Your precious blood
I’ve fond pardon

And my sins are washed,
They’re all washed away

All my sins are washed away

It’s true there have been days when I’ve failed You

You know the many times I’ve gone astray

But I’ve learned that Your love is stronger than my weakness

And you ear is open every time I pray

No one else has ever cared for me like You, Lord

Other friends could never be as close to me

I’m not afraid to face the problems of tomorrow

Knowing You are everything I’ll ever need

I’m amazed that You love me 
I’m amazed how You care

Through Your precious blood
I’ve fond pardon

And my sins are washed,
They’re all washed away
All my sins are washed away



Are you a Lurker???

Calling All Lurkers!!!

I was reading someone’s blog the other day and came across this idea. I enjoy lurking! I like to visit sites that are linked to my friends blogs, but then of course I sometimes click on links that are linked on there and so on. It can be a never ending maze.

I’m just wondering if anyone out there that has never posted on my blog (that I may or may not know personally), but frequents my blog to catch up on my life would be willing to post a comment below. I would love for you to make yourself known 🙂

I’m interested to see who you are!!!

Let’s see if we can beat my highest number of comments. We must get 17 in order to beat the 16 comments I received when Anna Kate was born.

Friday Favorites

1. Spending a week in Georgia and visiting family
2. Hearing Jake use words in funny ways (i.e. Mommy, you regot (forgot) to get me a Band-aid.
Daddy, will you speaked it up I can’t hear. Judd steer (turn) the top of the bottle this way.)
3. Seeing Anna Kate smile every time she hears my voice.
4. Jake playing with all of his cousins at the lake this week.
5. Judd’s face every time his sees our new cat.
6. Sleep (I haven’t had much lately, but it is still one of my favorite things.)
7. Reading the Bible and a verse just jumps off of the page speaking to me.
8. Having conversations with my mom about the Bible and what God is teaching her. (By the way, she was saved May 18. That is another blog entry for another time.)
9. Sharing in a friends delight when she finds out she is pregnant for the third time. You know who you are. wink! wink!
10. When our children go to bed without making a fuss. ahhhhh! quiet!

ABC’s of Me

A is for age: 
B is for burger of choice: Jalapeno 
C is for what kind of car you drive:
 2006 Trailblazer EXT.
D is for your dog’s name: Skte – 5 year old black lab
E is for essential item you use everyday: 
Diapers- I have two children in diapers.
F is for favorite TV show at the moment:
 Jon and Kate Plus Eight
G is for favorite game:
 Gin Rummy- I always win!
H is for Hometown:
 Warner Robins, Georgia
I is for instruments you play: 
J is for favorite juice: I don’t drink juice. If I must then I want OJ with some pulp.
K is for who is the last person you showed kindness: 
I would like to think my family
L is for last restaurant you ate at?
 On the Border
M is for your favorite meal:
 Alice Springs Chicken from Outback.
N is for Number of Piercings:
4 – two in each ear.
O is for overnight hospital stays:
 3 Times. One for each baby
P is for people you were with today:
 Jim, Jake, Judd, and Anna Kate
Q is for what you do with your quiet time:
 Blog, read the Bible and Karen Kingsbury, watch TV, Nap
R is for biggest regret:
S is for status:
 Married to my best friend and who I respect the most in this world.
T is for time you woke up today:
U is for what you consider unique: 
Jim is able to make many animal noises that sound so real, which the boys really love.
V is for vegetable you love: 
Green beans, carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and broccoli.
W is for worst habit: Having a messy car.
X is for x-rays you’ve had: 
None EDIT: Jim informed me that I have had many X-rays on my teeth. I forget about those.
Y is for yummy food you ate today: 
Sweet Potato
Z is for zoo visits:
 We went to the Atlanta and Memphis Zoo in May. It was so fun, but exhausting with three little ones.