New Rooms

Every time we start a project about half way through I remember that I wanted a before and after picture. Well once again I didn’t take any before pictures which upsets me. We are moving Anna Kate upstairs, Judd downstairs, and Jake to the front bedroom. Jake had new bedroom furniture which consists of bunk beds but I don’t want them sharing a room until Judd is atleast three. My baby, Judd, is still in a crib so I am not ready for him to experience the freedom yet plus he still naps and Jake is slowly weaning himself from naps. However, I still want Jake to have some quiet time, IN HIS ROOM.

Two Wheels

On April 21, an important event happened in our home. Jake learned to ride his bike without training wheels. If you ask him he says, “reout” we are not quite sure why he says reout or regot for forgot. Anyway, that is another post.

This started when he wanted to try and ride the neighbors bike who doesn’t have training wheels. Jim didn’t think he could do it. Jake jumped on and with a little help starting he was riding down the drive way into the cul-de-sac. After a few tries we decided to take the training wheels off of his bike and he has been going ever since. He is doing so well and we are so proud. Every time he falls he gets back up and keeps on riding. There have been quite a few scraps and bruises but he wants to keep on going. I am not positive but I think it has some thing to do with his competitive nature and the rest of the kids on the street ride without training wheels and do tricks.

Way to go, Jake!

My First 5k

Several years ago, I decided that when I turned 30 I wanted to run the Peachtree Road Race 10k in Atlanta on July 4. I am not a runner and I have never been able to run. I have always wanted to be able to run but I guess I didn’t think I had the disciple or endurance.

My goal in running the race is to “run” the entire race without walking not to “win.” Well this year I turned 30 and started training to run the Peachtree on March 15. Jessica Kenney and I have been running 4 times a week. The first week we would run for five minutes and walk for two minutes. I must admit those first five minutes seemed like eternity and now one month later we are running 3.5 miles. This has been very fun and so we decided to enter a 5k race.

We registered to run in the 5k 4kids race that we completed on Friday night. We wanted to experience a race prior to running in the 10k. Jim, the kids and I set out for Cordova on Friday night meeting up with the Kenney Family and Ms. Connie.

I was able to run the entire race and it was a great experience. I completed to race in 30:29. We, or should I say Jim, was fortunate that there was a park for the kids to play on while Jessica and I raced.

Here are some pictures of race night. Ms. Connie made flags for the kids to wave as we crossed the finish line. The Perdue Kids had UGA “G” flags and the Kenney Kids had Alabama “A” flags. Too Cute!

Jessica and I in line waiting on the race to beginAnna Kate playing on the slide while I was racing.
The boys waiting on the mommies to cross the finish line.

Getting close to the finish line…..
My biggest supporter waiting for me at the finish line.
My training partner, Jessica Kenney.
The whole gang…
The Perdue Family enjoy the live entertainment. Waiting on the results of the race.

***update*** The results were just posted and I came in 5th place in my age division.

GOOOOOO Crickets!

With all of the activities surrounding Easter and celebrating our Risen Savior we found time to sandwich in Jake’s first soccer game. His team is the Crickets. We find the name quite humorous but almost all of the teams are some type of insect. Very bizarre!

As soon as Jake found a few eggs at the Crosspoint Egg Hunt we rushed to the car changed clothes, hugged Papa Wayne goodbye, jumped in the car and quickly made our way to Valentine Park. Did I mention that the “we” is me and the three kids? Jim had to stay behind at the egg hunt to say good bye and do a few things before coming to the game.

SO… I pulled in the park and there were people and cars EVERYWHERE! Little people running up and down quite a few fields. I just kept looking for our precious little Crickets as I tried to find a place to park. Needless to say, I finally found a spot and wouldn’t you know that both Judd and Anna Kate had fallen asleep. As I got out I tried to figure out how I was supposed to get Jake to his team, two sleeping babies, three chairs, a stroller, a cooler, and a soccer bag to the correct field in less than 2 minutes. Just so happens I saw a family that had a little boy that played on our team and I asked them if they would take Jake over to the field for me as I figured out how to get the rest of the babies and stuff.

Step by Step:
Get stroller out
Get Judd out, but Judd doesn’t wake up… He is knocked out! I really needed him to walk so that Anna Kate could sit in the stroller.
Plan B
Judd goes in the stroller
Chairs attached to my back
Diaper bag and cooler go under the stroller
Anna Kate is once again attached to my hip.

I know that I must have looked like the National Lampoons Goes to the Soccer Field. It is really funny thinking back as I type all of this. Finally, I make it to the field just in time for the start of the game and wouldn’t you know here comes my awesome husband to help coach Jake. I just find the timing perfect. He didn’t get to see the pre-game comic relief.

Here are a few pictures of our first soccer game.

Judd did eventually wake up. He watched Jake for a minute then he and Anna Kate proceeded to eat all of the crackers I packed in the bag.

Jake enjoyed playing, however, I don’t think he really grasp the concept until the very end. He kept thinking someone was going to kick the ball to him. I am sure this will probably happen when he gets a little older, but at four its every player for himself/herself.

By the way, We Won! GO Crickets! Gooooo #10!

A Visit from Papa Wayne

Papa Wayne, my dad, came to visit this week. He arrived on Anna Kate’s birthday and left on Saturday after enduring the Crosspointe Easter Egg Hunt. We really enjoyed having him here for a few days. I don’t think he knew what to expect before arriving, but in my opinion I think he enjoyed himself more than he thought he would. You have to remember he lives alone and then comes to visit a house full of lively little ones. It could scare a person.

Papa Wayne played “Guess Who” with Jake when he arrived although I am sure he would have preferred to take a nap after the long drive.

The days were busy and loads of fun. Papa Wayne and the boys went crawfish hunting in he creek in our back yard, on a walk to see the donkey up the street and
fishing at Crosspointe Lake where Jake caught 5 fish. They are already asking for Papa Wayne to come back very soon.

It was freezing at the lake, but Jake’s cheering section stayed out long enough to see him caught one fish. They decided to sit in the car and eat a snack while he finished fishing.

Papa Wayne and the Little Lady of the house.
Saying goodbye to Papa Wayne…..

He is Risen!

This Easter was wonderful. We were able to start the weekend off celebrating Anna Kate’s birthday and spending time with my dad.

On Saturday, Crosspointe had its annual Easter Egg Hunt which started at 11:00. The boys enjoyed running after the eggs and Anna Kate was happy with her one little egg. I can’t imagine when they are all lined up and take off running without even looking back to see if mommy or daddy are nearby to help. I am thankful that Papa Wayne was here to help with one of them this year. I was with Anna Kate, Jim went with Jake and Papa Wayne chased Judd.

Crosspointe had a Saturday night service this year so after nap time we all got dressed to go to church…on a Saturday night! Our routine was a little out of sync to say the least. Here are pictures of the kids all dressed up for the first Easter Service.

Sunday morning we had a great service and I am so thankful that Easter does exist. I am thankful for a Savior that has risen and isn’t still lying in a borrowed tomb. I am thankful that I have life, an eternal life, because of His death on the cross. All to Him I owe…

Anna Kate’s B-Day Party

Anna Kate’s 1st Birthday party was very small. We celebrated at home and my dad was able to come visit for the weekend. Since Thursday was her birthday we celebrated that evening with presents, dinner and cake. We decided to let Anna Kate open presents first so that she wasn’t filthy after dinner and cake. She loved all of her presents, but I do believe that the cake was her favorite part of the evening. I wanted her first birthday party theme to be ladybugs. Ms. Arlene Mooney at Sweet Sensations made these adorable ladybugs for the guest and Anna Kate was given her own little cake. It was all so fun.

This is the only time she fussed. I think she wanted more cake:-)

The Girl Turns 1!

The day I found out you were a girl, I cried. I was overwhelmed with so many fears when I found out you were a GIRL. I was excited but it was hard for me imagine being a mom to a little girl. My only experience was with boys and all of the rambunctious play, wild wrestling, rock throwing and dirt eating. This was my life and I couldn’t imagine a prissy, don’t get my hands dirty delicate little girl entering this wild life of boys.

Your daddy prayed from the first moment that you would be a sweet calm baby. I must admit from the beginning you have been sweet. You are in every way attached to mommy. You are an extension of my right hip. I have learned in the past year to do almost everything with one hand. Daddy says you are spoiled and I say you are loved. I just cherish this time because I know that it will not last long. I realize that it will pass quickly.

I must say that you are a rough and tumble little girl. Your brothers do not treat you any different just because you are a girl, which will have its benefits as you grow to be a young lady. I must say you can hold your own when dealing with your brothers. You are quick to let them know if they have done something you don’t like or if they have taken your toy.

In the past week, you have decided that screaming is your best form of communication. It is an ear-piecing squeal that makes everyone cringe. Also, now that I have turned your around to face forward in the car you are screaming because you can see me. I don’t understand it and I hope that this is a very SHORT phase.

Your brother’s love you and just recently Judd started call you “my baby.” It is really cute. Jake loves to make you laugh especially in the car.

You have started taking steps and with those steps we pray that they are the first of many that will be on the path that God had planned and laid out before you.

You are signing more, please and milk. However, you would much rather scream for something and then when we ask you to sign “more” you grin really big. I think that you believe your big smile will get you more of whatever you want at the moment.

You are a good sleeper and a GREAT eater. You love food, just like your mommy.

This year has been wonderful. You have brought dresses, bows, cute socks, baby dolls and more joy than we could have imagined. You are the Princess in the Pea, Sunshine, Babygirl and our little lady. We look forward to this next year; all that you will learn, the many ways you will grow and we are thankful that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy.

We love you Anna Katherine!
*** I will be posting pictures soon***

Out Like a Light

For some odd reason Judd has been waking up between 6:15-6:30 every morning for the past week. I can’t seem to figure out why. This is VERY odd for this little guy because he loves to sleep. He is my child that will sleep to 8:30 or 9:00. Needless to say, he is very tired an whiny long before nap time.

Just so happens, it was raining ( it seems to rain every other day in TN, hence the reason I have huge puddles in my yard) and I allowed them to watch “The Easter Carol.” Approximately, ten minutes into the movie I looked over and this is what I found my Juddman doing…

Poor Baby was asleep at 12:45 and naptime isn’t until 2:00. Mommy had to be flexible and put everyone down early.

Jake loves Puddles

If there is one thing Jake loves, it is Puddles! The boy loves water. It is so hard to keep him out of the puddles in the street and throughout our yard. For those of you that haven’t visited we have LOTS of puddles when it rains. Our yard turns into a swamp in spots.

On this particular day, I decided to let both of the boys play in the mud puddles. Get dirty! I didn’t care. We did not have anywhere to go and I did no see any reason to say no. Here are a few pictures capturing Jake’s delight. He kept telling what a special day it was that he got to play in the water puddles. Judd enjoyed it for a few minutes but I did not get any pictures of him before he finished playing.